HBL Always On!


The gammy and dusted card you see above is none other than my partner in my endless retail therapies, my HBL ID. Though it isn’t covered with a gold or silver film, having an identity of my own always rose me to cloud nine. A few weeks ago, on the buzz of my phone, it was none other than my bank inviting me to a launch of Always On! At Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi. Since the launch was on a Sunday and yours truly didn’t have to put in 9 hours of ceaseless efforts at the workplace, I planned on dropping by out of sheer curiosity to unveil what new is it that my bank is offering for online banking users like myself.

There came the much awaited Sunday- November 30th ‘14, with friends who vowed to pool in for a Noori performace at the event and ditched at the eleventh hour, I reached the venue just in time. Found the mall crowded like never before, singing along Noori as they sang and spotted numerous families posing at the special Always On Photo Booth. Turned out, HBL had revamped its e-banking services with an oath to provide it’s customers with an even more enhanced experience.  In addition to offering a comprehensive range of features, the new internet banking would empower the customers with greater control of their finances.

First Time Login to HBL Internet Banking from HBL on Vimeo.

Since I was, and pretty much am, an e-banking user of HBL, I decided to absorb as much keynotes as I could and as the crowd enjoyed performances by Noori and were starstruck by the presence of Ali Safina, Ayesha Omer and Anoushay Ashraf, the very awesome yours truly got to see the corporate faces behind the brand itself. Spotted the chief guest at the ceremony- Mr. Nauman K. Dar – President & CEO of HBL and Mr Faiq Sadiq- Head Payment Services, who expressed his ways as follows:

“HBL as Pakistan’s largest bank with over 7 million customers has always been at the forefront in delivering innovative banking products and services to its customers. The launch of this platform will allow customers to conveniently and efficiently carry out their banking transactions on the go. They can now experience utmost convenience in transferring funds, topping up their mobiles or for that matter paying their utility bills at the click of a button.”

(God bless the soul who came up with online utility bills payment option!)

Mr.Sadiq added that this launch will be a major boost for the growth of electronic payments in Pakistan. As HBL looks to the future, it continues to innovate with the view of improving transacting convenience for its customers through HBL’s 1500 plus branches, 1600 ATMs and diverse banking facilities. Our endeavor is to continue improving our services and the launch of internet banking is another step in that direction.

Introduction to HBL Internet Banking from HBL on Vimeo.

Oh, and here’s a look at the tweeps I met at the Always On Launch, cookies for spotting Shaggy! :D

Hint: Red lippy!

You can join the conversation and give your suggestions or feedback by tweeting with the #HBLAlwaysOn hashtag.

If you want to know more about HBL’s Internet Banking Services or the launch event, check out:

Facebook: /HBLBank
Twitter: @HBLPak
Instagram: @HBLPak

On a lighter note, which bank are you with?

Back to life? Check!

No, you don’t always bleed to know you’re alive. Sometimes, a careless laughter can be your partner in this bumpy road and endless maze we term as life. It phages me up- the thought of getting so stuck in this maze, so blinded by the bright lights, the fear of losing my vision in quest of the best of both worlds.
I want to be all worn out by the time I die, and yet I wish to die young. I guess I will always be stuck in a path of my own, my own shade of gray; ‘coz black and white is just too mainstream to be me.

To my long lost fellows I found through this wonderful place, I hope you’re living and not just existing.
I’ve got updates. Lots and lots of them.
Just random, unasked and unwanted updates from my not-so-important life that I really want to blurt out and sum up because I just realized that this space of mine is all deserted since over years now.
Here we go then,
The 16 year old who started this webspace is a 21 year old now. (Captain obvious!)
I remember screwing up your blogfeeds with my endless rants and crazy poetry and medschool woes until well, twitter welcomed me and I started ruining people’s lives with the blue birdie as my partner in crime. Tonight, though, I vow to not leave this space unattended and get back to my virtual pen pals who taught me how not to screw up my daily diaries during my late teens and who made sure I had their back no matter what.

To begin with, my academic hell (read: Medicine) has burnt me up alive and I will be stepping into my final year of medicine this January, InshaAllah! Oh how time flies. Whoever said time eases all pain, forgot to add, it erases all passion as well. I remember how the only thing I ever wanted to be was a white-coat angel and now how my educational system has sucked out each bit of motivation from my already failing heart. But down the road I have started standing out of the crowd, and that’s the only thing I am striving for currently. But you can’t always row in two boats, right? That’s the current challenge I’m shamelessly defying as I slowly transit into the midlife crisis.

From joining an orphanage back in 2011 as a teacher to getting promoted to an Education Administrator, the journey went on as the independence ka keera bit me yet again and I planned on launching an e-store for jewelry and clothing that surprisingly boomed and left myself surprised at what more I could do. Took the brand to a new level by spreading my wings internationally and then after getting all the recognition and grabbing the title of a doctor-designer, I finally felt like I am done with this on my plate. A few months ago, hence, the person behind this screen planned on shutting down her running online business and bidding farewell to a huge family of clients across the globe to live a simpler, typical medschool student life where there’s nothing but books and patients.
Only if I were that calm and focused.
This September, when I was nearing my end of fourth year medicine and was winding up my cottage business, it struck me hard that I just have a year to cross all the things in my check-list before the doctor diaries gulp me down that abyss or some not-so-charming prince takes me away to a lalaland and I’m forced to be the queen of some nanny diaries. Fearing that, I sneaked out from my castle of endless rules and limitations and stepped into marketing and sales! Tadaa.
Shamelessly and proudly announcing that I’m now pursuing medicine and working for firangis in making money because I refuse to be the traditional doctor who only dreams to get the best grades so she gets a good rishta and better scores on the USMLE and a supposedly smooth life.

“I am the kind of person who always wants too much on her plate, and yet savor every bit of it.”

That’s what I blurted out to my employer in the interview for the current job. I planned on keeping quiet about it and not letting my friends and friends of friends and relatives of relatives know about it, because it kills me how people tag others within microseconds of things that don’t even exist but hey you, I refuse to give you the liberty to build up stories about me but even if you’ve somehow snatched the liberty of doing so, let me tell you;

I am absolutely loving my two-toned career right now. Alhamdolillah!

Busy has always been my thing. Busy is the new black, lol.
Which reminds me, I’ve an exam on Wednesday, that is three days from now, and I haven’t studied one bit so let me get back to my books before they give up on me because I have a lot more to vent out in the next posts to follow!

The new readers to this space, please don’t judge me if you go through the older posts. We all have that kiddish cyber history, don’t we?


I remember reaching out to every possible medical personnel in my radius and promising them that if you’d survived on your birthday, I’ll get them all ice-cream. I can vividly recall their fabricated expressions as they said you’re a fighter. No doubt you were; but I guess the opponent was a little too stronger than you were. I do reminisce celebrating your birthday in AKU’s C.C.U. with almost an unconscious birthday queen all wrapped up in white and wires; with no clue of what was happening around her, with her hair shed off her scalp due to the very harsh chemos, yet with the motherly essence intact as she thankfully smiled and responded to me; knowing that if I wouldn’t elicit a response, I’ll die a little inside.

I remember giving my boards and getting dropped off at some relative’s place just so they could drive me to the hospital and I could meet you. Making a very thin creamy custard for you everyday and garnishing it with strawberry sauce in my own ridiculous ways was my greatest joy back then. I was talking to R last night, she almost broke down as she told me what you had said about me cooking for you- ‘Usay kyun tang kartay ho? Usne tou aj tak chool’ha bhi nahi jalaya..’ … I can never figure out what mothers are made of.

There’s so much words can’t say.

Every now and then, as I am sitting on my prayer mat, I visualize you praying ahead of me on your table and chair. I slept on your bed last night. I saw your happy pictures. And then your panic-stricken face struck my mind. I wanted you to live. I wanted you to give that disease a disgraceful defeat. I wanted you to rise again so we could give hope to other distressed cancer patients. But God has His own ways that I can’t question.

So I casually lie to the patients I greet at the onco ward, saying ‘Meri ammi ko bhi yehe tha, wo bhi theek hogayeen then…’ ‘coz I now know how important hope is. I hated the doctors who used to term you as a ‘dead-end case’ and why wouldn’t I? How couldn’t you?

Probably this world was a filthy soiled place for a person like you.
Probably this is how it was meant to be.

I’ll just assume you’re in a better place right now. I hope, I pray.
But you’re never forgotten. I love you more than I miss you.




Once upon a wise guy..

“Life is no straight and easy corridor along
which we travel free and umhampered,
but a maze of passages,
through which we must seek our way,
lost and confused, now and again
checked in a blind alley.

But always, if we have faith,
a door will open for us,
not perhaps one that we ourselves
would ever have thought of,
but one that will ultimately
prove good for us.”

A.J. Cronin

Pagalpan k doray.

Life has been much of a mess lately. Call it an amusing mess maybe. Perhaps its just the teenage fever that has shaken hands with my endocrine system which lets it circulate throughout this buddhi body. I don’t really know. I hate the fact that I get into this very girlie depressing phase for no good cause but I love it how I find this blog the perfect place to puke it all out. Its just like when you throw up and your amma says ‘Acha hua sari gandgi nikal gyi, ab sahi hojaogi.’ Blogging is my vomiting. I make it sound so gross but it actually cleans your mind like Shell Helix which cleans your engine like no one else.

So well, how are you guys?
For the old followers of this place, remember how much fun life was back then? Posting something daily, tagging each other in posts which the tagged-ones seldom published, talking about the minutest detail of our lives and sharing secrets secretly; miss the times.


Have you ever felt the  dark take over you?
plenty of brightness can also make you blind.

Who exactly are we? The author of our lives? Writers fantasize, but we live in a practical world.
I can’t untangle these cords. Its much of a dare for a coward like me.

Idk. Jo bhi. Dafa karo.

Colours on the canvas ~

Remember the crazy old times when I used to post so much on my blog and spam your blogs with my fuzool comments and tweet and blog all day long skipping my MCAT classes? No? haw. Tsk tsk. Mar jao.

And remember the times when I used to get INSANNNELY Happy and jump right here and tell you all about it? About the random stupid stuff that used to happen in my life? No? uh- oh. Bezzti.

And then, remmmber how I stepped into a phase where I used to blog about everything, EVERYTHING depressing and negative? Yes? Chalo shukar.

So ladies and gentlemen,
For all those who are now getting bored of my 24/7/365 sad mode, I am ‘trying’ to get back to the old one. Which meaaans, yes I will blabber jabber about how the Jinnah hospital k bahar thelay walay uncle ka bunkabab will be served in my wedding ceremony along with the cone wali ice cream we get for das pandra rupay at the corner of some street (and oh, if you know where would I get that in Karachi now, TELL ME- I so wish to have it abhi)  and what else? I forgot :|

I just keep forgetting stuff these days. Not to mention, my final exams are going on. And ermm. Erm, okay nothing. Just pray I pass. IFFF that’s for my own good. You know, Allah mian knows best ;)

I GOTTA STUDY STUDY AND STUDDDAAAYYYYYY. Like a nerd with those oval-framed specs in black or dark brown color and a khaadi ka kurta. On al ighter note, whenever I image a nerd in my mind, I end up thinking of a guy. And these days, make it two guys on twitter who are studying ALL DAY ALL NIGHT AND EVEN IN THE 25TH HOUR OF THEIR DAY. Haye. Allah kamyaab karay sab parhnay walay bachon ko.

And parhai say yaad aya, what on earth is wrong with my university’s admin.


Seriouslllyyy, wth.
just one word for them- OVER.

And I just got a call from Kisa which made me forgot what was I about to write.( SEE, I ‘FORGOT’ AGAIN) Par kher hai, it’s a Friday, so JUMMA MUBAARAK! Namaz parh lo musalmaano! -__-

and guess what? I am leaving in a while for buying cushions for the maternity home.

MATERNITY HOME pay tou blogpost honi chahye! And incase you’re wondering what it is, WAIT for that post with all shades of pink and green and what not. God help me.

I MISS TWEEEETING! I’LL BE TWEETING FROM THE EXAMINATION HALL NOW! \m/ Wesay bhi I am the first one to leave the hall at 3:30 or max 4, that is an hour earlier from the time when the exam should end. Phew. Namaazyon, dua karna pass hojaon. Allah hafiz!