Some Kapray shopping..

The past decade has been a milestone in Pakistani fashion industry. With the rise of an era of online shopping and birth of a billion brands, we can all witness an escalation in the style standards of us Pakistanis. Big names with bigger price tags had always had their fair share of masses but it’s always good to see new names in the market reaching out for more.

But what’s better is the fact that a lot of entrepreneurs are investing in our very own national language. Did you notice the recent shift to brand names from fancy French and Shakespearean English to khaalis salees Urdu? From Daraz and almari to lootlo and what not, Shaggy Paul is predicting a courier service named Daakiya as well! 😉 Looks like this the recent secret recipe for success and undoubtedly it works!

Welcoming another addition to this family, we now have a Karachi-based fast fashion brand with the name – Kapray!


With their first flagship store launched on the 5th of July ’15 at the Dolmen Mall, Clifton; Karachi walas now have another store for their unending quest for the best of kapray. Cherry on top – it’s not just kapray at kapray, Kapray has a wide variety of the entire family’s trend needs. Covering four categories, Men, Women, Kids and Home, Kapray has clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, bedding and home essentials as well.

Mr. Faisal Rahim Saya, CEO of Kapray shares his idea behind the brand, “My vision was to create a brand that could not only compete with, but out do the international brands that everyone looks forward to in Pakistan. I wanted to raise the fashion quotient along with the standards of quality that is being offered to the Pakistani consumer today. We plan to launch at a few other cities across Pakistan later this year. So, it’s fashion that is both admirable and approachable.”

And he certainly seems to have achieved that. Kapray is not just your local shop at the mall- it’s a mega project with new collections every 2 weeks! Living up to it’s promise, the brand delivers fast fashion and the latest trends at market-competitive prices. It’s pretty much a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs!


Speaking of the store itself, I was invited at the launch and I personally fell for the precision given to the details of the outlet’s interior.

Starting off with the men’s section, from denim to die for to the desi shalwar qameez, I found the collection quite decent. Not to forget the recent obsession over shoes, this section had the best casual shoes and eye-catchy loafers!

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Moving further to the ladies section, it featured both stitched and unstitched lawn and cotton, along with silks to ease your picks for semi-formals. The bags and shoes were equally good, with T-straps and V-straps taking over the summers and baggy totes and satchels targeting the fashion frenzic ladies.

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What held me glued for quite sometime was the kids section! Spent most of the time near the girls section because I was confused what to buy for yours truly’s niece. The girls section had chiffon, georgette and silk beautifully crafted to stylish frocks and tops. Unlike the other big names in kids fashion, Kapray really worked hard on the girls line and gets a 5/5 rating from my end.


Kapray Home featured bedding and towels and was a neatly done segment. They also had a jewelry display just beside it. The necklaces and pendants had a tribal dominance and were a bit too funky for my choice hence I moved forward to my favourite part- SCARVES! At a tag of PKR 990, the scarves were in soft viscose, a perfect wear for summers! I look forward for more designs in the coming weeks since there were limited options at the launch.


If you’re going through the shopaholics itch right now, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to drop by the mega store at DMC, Clifton. You’ll find a mini eden just beside Sana Safinaz at the first floor.

Happy shopping!

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