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New Beginnings~

Be careful what you wish for, you might as well get it.

Ever since I started putting two and two together in this lively world, I had figured just one goal for myself – to be a part of the healer clan. Surfing through the rather rough tides of life, I somehow ended up with a degree in medicine and tomorrow? Tomorrow is the day I begin practicing the clichéd saving lives’ ritual.

Tomorrow is the first day of my housejob.

They say it’s a struggle, and I am looking forward to a year full of it. Since I have been a back-bencher all my university life and have had myself evolved into a negative miserable person who has nothing but complaints from the corrupt education system, I now want to be the change I wanted to see. I want to be a good doctor- simple as that. The one who struggles, the one who finds a way out of every maze, the one who puts her patient first and foremost, the one who gives, and gives it her all.

I have exactly 12 more hours to kickstart this journey.
AND I want to treasure each bit of it!

I am planning to start writing a journal again; this time, on this e-space of mine. This is the best way I can relive the moments of struggle, trouble and not having anyone burst my bubble. The blog must hence, have a new name. Dr. Shaggy wants to rename it to ‘The Doctor Diaries!’ (I have a private blog already with the same url but that’s for some super secret stuff).

From the old emo teenage version of mine who lived on the extremes of sorrow and joy, the one who started C it my way! (Please notice and ignore the C, who does that anyway?) I’d now be sharing my hospital-life experiences on a daily basis, InshaAllah! From filthy washroom pictures to rants about my dominant seniors and stories of my patients, I must make sure I pen each memory.

Here’s to the long-lost blogger friends and the dozens of stories of come.
Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “New Beginnings~

    1. and lots and lots of prayers and wishes for your journey ahead and I already know that you will be a very good doctor in shaa Allah because you are a very good human being 🙂

  1. Congratulations for almost getting through. House job at JPMC as well !.

    The Doctor Diaries series sounds cool. Always love to C it your way. So for, just came across the highlights on twitter…looking forward to the detail.

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