Karachi bites

Big Thick Burgerz spreading some #BigThickSmiles at the Karachi Eat Food Festival

Frere Hall, Karachi, had transformed into a heaven on Earth last week as foodies from all across K-town showed up at the most awaited festival of the year- Karachi Eat Food Festival. With over 90 eateries from Karachi, both corporate and home-based, the three-day festival was a perfect blend of entertainment, fun and food (LOTS OF IT,yes!) for the much distressed Karachiites.

While most of the bistros came up with innovative recipes with rather steep tags, Big Thick Burgerz stepped forward as a socially responsible corporate brand and came up with the #BigThickSmiles Campaign. They not only offered upto 40% discount on their entire menu (ANY burger for Rs.220, yep that’s true!) but also pledged to feed a street kid with an equally delish meal on hitting a threshold of ten burgers each.

2 (1).png

Building on the concept of ‘since it’s ‘Karachi Eat’, no one should sleep hungry’, the brand representative Adil Awan stated, “You see a lot of people from the upper and middle class enjoying the best of Karachi food at this festival. Brands make money, people get entertainment and somehow in our frivolities we tend to forget about the underprivileged.” According to Adil, #BigThickSmiles is about one brand trying to give back to the community in a small way.

I visited the Karachi Eat on Friday and Saturday both and was pleased to find people pooling in their share to contribute to the Big Thick Smiles campaign. Saw a gentleman donating cash separately to be added to the donated burgers account and even saw a lady buy burgers for the kids selling balloons in the capacity.

Speaking of the taste itself, I tried the California Mushroom Burger in beef and was served within fifteen minutes of the order placement. The patty was grilled to perfection and was juicy and tender- just the way I like it. Although, a little bit of tanginess would’ve complemented the mushroom sauce and would’ve been cherry on top! The jalapeno burger was a hands down a hit!

A live sales board was also being updated so people could see how many burgers are being sold and could keep tabs on the donation count. The buyers were also getting discount vouchers for their next dine-in at the Big Thick Burgerz so it was a win-win in all ways!

And hey, look! Here’s my discount voucher confirmation.
Guess who’s heading over to the Big Thick Burgerz this Saturday? 😉

Connect with this awesome Burger Joint from Karachi right here!



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