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The Story of Marham

“You need to transfer him to some other hospital’s ICU”
“…you are being nominated to visit the Microsoft Headquarters, USA”
“Your father doesn’t have much time to live…”
“We would also like to offer you the senior most engagement of our company!”
“Hello, sorry to disturb you at this late hour, but can I please have the number of that hospital?”

Reminiscing that night at the hospital’s corridor still runs shivers down Ehsan’s spine and bleeds his aching heart.

He was only a few steps away from reaching the zenith of his career, when he was thrashed by this incident that shook him inside out and gave a completely new meaning to his existence. Bruised but not broken, he bid farewell to the goals that were only his and instead, lived to blow life to a newer dream which would glorify the entire nation.

That day, Ehsan vowed to himself that this is the path he would rather take- no matter if it means a solo journey. He pledged himself on improving the current healthcare industry and to render every effort of his for its betterment. He had already lost a life – more precious than his own- and he certainly didn’t want another loss of a priceless life against the lack of guidance and resources and negligence of our healthcare system.

Having no expertise in the field of medicine and with nil familiarity of the local markets, his faith still didn’t shake and what did not derail was his courage. The only thought that ate him up alive, yet fuelled each step of his, was that he lost his father while he could have saved him.

For endless days and nights, he worked on conceptualizing the idea of the fire within and after a span of 4 months, his dream came to life and it got a name-MARHAM. From the very first day of the idea being incubated, the only motive was to ease the misery of the inhabitants of our miraculous land. The road wasn’t smooth but hr addressed the Lord at every stepping stone; prayers led the way and the path became blissful as ever. What started as a one-man expedition, had now turned into a caravan. A caravan comprising of his ex-seniors, present patrons, advisors, and his team; all of which sparked a vigor of its own.

MARHAM had to be a guiding light for the ailing society. His first step was to formulate an online community where patients could post their queries and get expert opinion from authentic doctors and medical personnel. The Almighty graced this convoy with immense compassion and here they are, a family of over 16,000 members, lending out a helping hand to each other.

Though what steals the show is their mobile application; topping the healthcare charts on Android & Apple App stores, this is the first of its kind in Pakistan. MARHAM app is a one-stop solution for people looking for medical advice or information regarding a medical practitioner. The app is a central fount enclosing relevant and accurate info of hospitals, doctors and private consultancies across Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, with the network growing further across Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Jehlum, Sargodha and all other cities of Pakistan.

The minimalist design of the app makes finding a doctor as easy as 1, 2, 3! One can filter amongst the doctors in their area according to their specialty, expertise and availability. Through the app, you can not only book an appointment but also share your honest reviews regarding a specific doctor, giving them a rating based on their experience – making selection easier for the other audience.

The dream he had dreamt is now thriving, saving lives and easing the hassle of fetching relevant healthcare professionals. We have all known or have been a victim of this society’s debased healthcare system, but not anymore.
It’s about time- aao, Marham banain!

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