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Busting the Milk Myths with DayFresh!

Plotting new maneuvers every morning on how to escape out of the house, under my mother’s nose, without gulping down my throat the hugest of all glass of milk that could’ve ever existed on the face of this planet was one of my toughest childhood challenges. Grew up as the undisputed champion in this regard ‘coz that heavenly beverage people love to drink was something that always repelled me. Not that I am proud of being allergic (not literally) to milk, the trazillion refusals ended up in chalking down my bones to as brittle as possible that I ended up getting the bachpan main pachpan  title years ago. Repentant on my milk-hatred throughout decades, I was bound to take extra-cal milk and supplements to make me taller, stronger and sharper, uh well.

Ever since I got back to my relatively stronger bones, I grew myself distant from the milk magic yet again but held all my faith in milk products to get me going. From egg puddings to kheer and from coffee to tea, the best milk had to be my choice!

Though it’s quite of a certified myth by oldies (and goldies) that the khalis bhens ka doodh is the best of all picks- both in pricing and in nutritional value; my subtle gut has never been that welcoming so I have always stuck to the good old, tried and tested tetra pack unless I met the brains behind the K-town dairy brand DayFresh.

Last month, DayFresh held a bloggers meetup at the DAAS Headquarters in Karachi. Yours truly, all dressed in hues of blues, attended it and met the COO DayFresh, Mr. Ali Raza along with the manager operations Mr.Ghulam Hussain and they helped me unveil the hidden milk mysteries. Never had I known that there existed a brand in my city that works on the Grass-to-Glass theory and has a farm with over 3000 imported Australian cows and buffalos. The best is yet to come, the brand keeps animal rights as one of its priority concerns and hence their cattle is kept free of hormonal injections! Talk about customer service- keeping in mind the eventful and hectic schedule of the always busy Karachiites, their sales department offers home delivery across the city with a minimum order of just half a kg! Get a prepaid card made and forget the hassle of paying cash on delivery all the time. What to dial? 111DFRESH is the code!

IMG_7928   IMG_7950

We be tweetin'
We be tweetin’

After the briefing session the bloggers were presented with a delicious array of snacks created by using Dayfresh Products and were served with the mouthwatering Dayfresh Flavored Milk – in three flavors, Zafrani & Pistachio, Chocolate and Strawberry – Zeera Raita and Low-fat Yogurt. The snack bar was comprised of scrumptious treats that the bloggers indulged in and enjoyed thoroughly.

IMG_8050  IMG_8002

Finally the bloggers and the Dayfresh team took pictures at the Dayfresh Photo Booth with #RejuvenateWithDayfresh themed props and shared them across various social media platforms. I clung to the safest of all props, a glass of milk!


Before I end the blogpost, here’s a catch!
How many of you are in absolute love with Gloria Jeans Gourmet Ice Chocolate? Now get the exact same at home as the very awesome Adeeqa Nazir discloses the secret recipe in here!
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