Pagalpan k doray.

Life has been much of a mess lately. Call it an amusing mess maybe. Perhaps its just the teenage fever that has shaken hands with my endocrine system which lets it circulate throughout this buddhi body. I don’t really know. I hate the fact that I get into this very girlie depressing phase for no good cause but I love it how I find this blog the perfect place to puke it all out. Its just like when you throw up and your amma says ‘Acha hua sari gandgi nikal gyi, ab sahi hojaogi.’ Blogging is my vomiting. I make it sound so gross but it actually cleans your mind like Shell Helix which cleans your engine like no one else.

So well, how are you guys?
For the old followers of this place, remember how much fun life was back then? Posting something daily, tagging each other in posts which the tagged-ones seldom published, talking about the minutest detail of our lives and sharing secrets secretly; miss the times.


Have you ever felt the  dark take over you?
plenty of brightness can also make you blind.

Who exactly are we? The author of our lives? Writers fantasize, but we live in a practical world.
I can’t untangle these cords. Its much of a dare for a coward like me.

Idk. Jo bhi. Dafa karo.


7 thoughts on “Pagalpan k doray.

  1. Yeah its teenage problem =p and I am officially jealous! June main saath internship plan karain? Mazay karaingay!

  2. The phases are kinda a reassurance that you’re a normal female :p.

    And er, so far, the best way to deal with them is to wait for them to wave goodbye to us on their own accord. 🙂

    Good luck with everything :)!

  3. Kuch nahi hota, it will pass away inshAllah. Just keep faith in Allah and all what He has planned for you. Try to please HIM and trust in His wisdom.

  4. Oh, I get depressed for no reason sometimes too! The best thing to do is write. Works for me! Or try to keep yourself busy so you don’t dwell on unpleasant things! =)

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