Colours on the canvas ~

Remember the crazy old times when I used to post so much on my blog and spam your blogs with my fuzool comments and tweet and blog all day long skipping my MCAT classes? No? haw. Tsk tsk. Mar jao.

And remember the times when I used to get INSANNNELY Happy and jump right here and tell you all about it? About the random stupid stuff that used to happen in my life? No? uh- oh. Bezzti.

And then, remmmber how I stepped into a phase where I used to blog about everything, EVERYTHING depressing and negative? Yes? Chalo shukar.

So ladies and gentlemen,
For all those who are now getting bored of my 24/7/365 sad mode, I am ‘trying’ to get back to the old one. Which meaaans, yes I will blabber jabber about how the Jinnah hospital k bahar thelay walay uncle ka bunkabab will be served in my wedding ceremony along with the cone wali ice cream we get for das pandra rupay at the corner of some street (and oh, if you know where would I get that in Karachi now, TELL ME- I so wish to have it abhi)  and what else? I forgot 😐

I just keep forgetting stuff these days. Not to mention, my final exams are going on. And ermm. Erm, okay nothing. Just pray I pass. IFFF that’s for my own good. You know, Allah mian knows best 😉

I GOTTA STUDY STUDY AND STUDDDAAAYYYYYY. Like a nerd with those oval-framed specs in black or dark brown color and a khaadi ka kurta. On al ighter note, whenever I image a nerd in my mind, I end up thinking of a guy. And these days, make it two guys on twitter who are studying ALL DAY ALL NIGHT AND EVEN IN THE 25TH HOUR OF THEIR DAY. Haye. Allah kamyaab karay sab parhnay walay bachon ko.

And parhai say yaad aya, what on earth is wrong with my university’s admin.


Seriouslllyyy, wth.
just one word for them- OVER.

And I just got a call from Kisa which made me forgot what was I about to write.( SEE, I ‘FORGOT’ AGAIN) Par kher hai, it’s a Friday, so JUMMA MUBAARAK! Namaz parh lo musalmaano! -__-

and guess what? I am leaving in a while for buying cushions for the maternity home.

MATERNITY HOME pay tou blogpost honi chahye! And incase you’re wondering what it is, WAIT for that post with all shades of pink and green and what not. God help me.

I MISS TWEEEETING! I’LL BE TWEETING FROM THE EXAMINATION HALL NOW! \m/ Wesay bhi I am the first one to leave the hall at 3:30 or max 4, that is an hour earlier from the time when the exam should end. Phew. Namaazyon, dua karna pass hojaon. Allah hafiz!


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