You'll never figure out why i wrote this

Plan G.

Odium and hate, fortune and fate.
Destiny’s call? Here’s always late.

You run and you fall, you try and you crawl,
but eventually you lose, and never stand tall.


Its not always about losing a competition, a designation or some worldly label all the time. There’s always much to lose. There can be a point where you can drop the best opportunity and yet win a bunch, and there can be a time where a single gesture could leave you barehanded. You can be in the limelight amongst a crowd of thousands and still be the most abandoned being existing on the planet. Or you can be the solitary soul on a derelict plain and can still own a merry heart.

At times, it doesn’t matter whether you spell LIFEISNOWHERE as life-is-NOW-here or as life-is-NO-where. ‘coz at times, spellings and perspectives and angles don’t make the slightest difference. After all, we are puppets. Reality can’t be changed. Truth is always bitter. And reality checks? Always harsh.

Once in a while, you can be alienated by species of your own kind.
Once in a while, you can chose to not give up and move on with a plan Z. not coz all others failed you badly, but because at the back of your mind, at some corner of your heart, there is a plant of hope whose bud would bloom soon.

And at times, its okay to get isolated.

At some phases in life, its okay to say no to all the erasers available and stare at your gaffes for far more than a moment because maybe, just maybe you’ll end up learning something from those phrases impressed with permanent ink on your synthetic soul. Or who knows you’ll be acknowledged by a black out once again ‘coz it was too much for your 1.5 kg’s brain to handle.

God grants you a life. Just for once. It won’t always be a one-man show but at the end of the day, it will be. You’d have to prove yourself as His epitome of perfection amongst all His creations; coz once He had labeled you as one, there are no ifs and buts. Secondly, He won’t give you more than you can handle on your frail shoulders.

And He won’t leave you alone either. Even if you do.


14 thoughts on “Plan G.

  1. You know, you make this all sound so positive! And, at the back of my mind I know that it is true, that in the end, it all works out for the best! But, somehow, for the longest time, and this being the nth time, fate and life are testing my patience, my hard work, my sacrifices, and above all, things that I have believed in! I really wish that it all works out!

    Lovely post!

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