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For the few and others

How amusing are we humans. Totally hopeless cases – with hope springing within. Sinful creatures – with a never ending list of fine deeds. Running after getting the perfect figure for their ugly bodies but never trying to beautify the blackened souls.

Who are we?
Huge bulky masses of flesh intricately adhered to skin and bones ; blessed with the masterpiece placed in our heads that controls everything we do. Consecrated are we evil creatures with angelic faces. Count me in too.

Lately I’ve been trying and trying so hard to see if the complexity of this mortal could be understood or not. I failed. Maybe it’s just the Creator who knows how are we supposed to function – just like a programmer knows of how his codes will mess around. I guess I’ll never manipulate my mind, or it may never manipulate me.

I have come across different faces of different people newly. I am traumatized of how well they can fix up of all their masks and at myself too – of how can I still be good to them. And yet reading this would make a few people wonder about who those people are that I’m referring to instead of looking at themselves and wondering whether or not is any other being being suffered by their camouflaging attitudes.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that I have started writing a daily diary? I stopped.

Uptil now you must have noticed how bitter have I gotten. (:
I didn’t want to be, trust me.
I’m thinking to give a shot to blogging again. The random shit I used to blog about each day , poetry, birthday posts, tales of my salary and what not. *nostalgic*

Which reminds me of something else too.

I started working! Joined as a teacher in an orphanage for young girls, and now, promoted Alhamdolillah (: It has been three months now. And you know something?

I wish I could get back the heart I used to own in my childhood. My kids make me learn of how to love selflessly. I have learned much from them. All this poison I have blurted right above gets sprinkled with honey when I think of them. They are my pills. And to tell you something, I am surviving on them these days. My health issues haven’t been quite pleasing lately, and tadaaaaa, I currently have CTS, CH, OM, DI, LI and the typhoid has Alhamdolillah gone away with the wind. As for the above, few may label me as a crybaby but dearies, go do that. I am working on not giving a shit anymore.

And its making me agitated of how the ‘few’ are being dragged in every other part of this blogpost. -.-

RAMADHAN MUBARAK to all the muslims out there! (:
Lets just ask for all the forgiveness we can get from Him. I am sadly, not doing anything marvel in this month, but I may post about a few ways, simple and easy ones, through which we may lend a helping hand to someone in need. And yes, to the greedy lil monster in us, we will be getting tons of sawaab for it too!

So how are you planning to spend your Eid? Family get togethers? Social work or what? Just going all ZZzzzz at your place and enjoy a day off? I have a few plans in mind, might share it with you all, as now I prefer not to socialize much with the actual chaltay phirtay people I know. Virtual world is better. Period.

To the readers who went through this torture, Thanks much (: You guys are awesome.
I’ll be back soon, on your blogs. ‘coz I have missed y’all pretty bad. Trust me with that.

And oh, just a thing for the haters I’m expecting won’t drop by here, but if you do, that’s for you!

Bura na maan meray harf zehr, zehr sahi.
Main kia karoon k yehi zaaiqa zubaan ka hai.


10 thoughts on “For the few and others

  1. You should seriously focus on writing more than often.

    The shair is wonderful =)

    Wish you a perfect health and blessed life =)

  2. It was a long journey to come to this comment box 😀 this post is concentrated with so many topics, so many emotions and feelings, newses, updates, wishes… LOL what else I dunno…

    Regarding blog and bitter experiences, I was very careful from the beginning about the issue. Nice to know about your job update.. Alhamdulillah it’s to work for the orphans.

    Ramadan Mubaraak. This month is to beg forgiveness to Allah, to be blessed. wish all of us will achieve it inshaAllah 🙂

    1. Longer the wait, sweeter the fruit 😉
      It’s glad to be back here to be honest. Even gladder to see you friends still here (:

      InshaAllah hoping that this Ramadhan would bless us all with mercy from our Creator. And yes, my kids are amazing! ❤ I hope they have a blessed life ahead!

  3. Wow, I loved this post… Orphanage? You’re doing a noble deed… Really… And you’re also working on not giving a shit… Awesome squared! =)
    Loved the concluding verse…

    p.s. and start writing the daily diary… it helps… rules out all the negativity!

    1. Thank you Daddy! (:
      Yes I’m working on the latter. Might come up to you for some aid if required, ‘coz it’s being hard so far.

      ps. It was getting a little too negative. I had a best buddy for a while, but then I feared this diary will also leave after a while.

  4. We all live in wombs of self-denial. Judging others – finding faults in them, we tend to satisfy our conscience. Conscious, we aren’t perfect, we don masks to mask our flaws and to con others, and in process, we con none, but ourselves. Self-realisation is present, but, ego comes in play, and, hence: self-fallacy.

    A great post. Love your blog! =) You are one prolific writer, mashAllah.

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