Venting out


Muhafiz be khabar, aur be khatr, anjaam say be khaauf,
Khabr inhen nahi in tooti zanjeeron kay peechay kia-
hai aisa jo kay de raha hai jan’m ek baaghi ko.
Karo elaan kay baaghi inhi kay sang hai betha.

The fence and railings around are blowing another life in that soul. A different one this time. Its getting cold but its fiery within. It may melt the stones but never your heart. Dampening didn’t help, maybe its time to melt and then burn and see along the corner how it all turns to ashes. Maybe the heart has already stopped beating. Maybe its just like yours now. Or maybe its not. Maybe it can never be that way. But one thing, you must know.

The rebel is in the making.
It will be too late.


15 thoughts on “Revolt

  1. Waisay. The tag ‘you’ll never guess why I wrote this’ was applicable here.. :P. Kahan hay wohh?

    Khair, we all feel rebellious at times and the important thing is to not act in any way that might make us regret later. And I know the books talk about ‘moments of madness’ and ‘regrets that come later’ .. laikin believe me, every human brain knows exactly which acts will lead to regrets and which won’t … however rebellious the soul may be ..

    🙂 this was just an aeween observation. The post is written very well MA 🙂

    1. Haha, point to be noted. But that’s easy to guess what this post is about, you can Uniii you caaannn. 😛

      You know well the aiwaen observations are ones worth processing. Right you are, but I still have a lil percentage of that madness within, since the day I wrote it. Sigh.

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