Blow up the candles!

I vividly remember how awesomely freaky that feeling was when I registered my blog here on wordpress a year back. Today, is my baby’s birthday. It turns one! (:

I had to make this post the most special one! But y’know, the more you put your effort for something, it never turns out to be the way expected. But hey, NO sad phrases in here. There’s much of emo stuff posted already! And the stuff here, a few poems, a few posts, I still don’t believe they are mine, but they are. They are mine and they are yours. Dear lovely and awesomazing readers, do you know how much I owe you?

You’ll be surprised to know how far you can go from the point where you thought it was the end.

A year back, the girl behind these words started off a journey, from a sad note, from an end, wondering what more can life bring to her, what else is in store for this soul – and a year later – this girl, with a changed self, glances at the footprints left behind and feels.. um,not wow, not amazing, but breathless. Time flies man, it really does. C it my way! was meant to see life through my eyes, but I ended up looking at it through your lens.

I haven’t just spent a year here. I haven’t just written posts for the sake of blogging, for getting maximum views and counts or likes or what not. I have lived a life here. I have felt how awfully pathetic and freakishly amazing can life be. I have the bestest of buddies here! (: THE BESTESTTTT. Period.

You guys know when did I get my first comment?
It was on my second post, Wipe the tear and smileΒ  annnnd it was by some Capture Universe – REEEEALLLY happy by that very first comment on my blog, I remember jumping in joy all around the house and then sitting idle for so frikking long ‘coz I had absolutely NO clue how to reply to that? Most of all, I couldn’t even figure out whether this blogger who had made my day was a guy or a girl! :\ Well, ermm, lets share a secret; though I was exceptionally crazily hypertonically happy on the comment, a part of me was complaining yaar koi accha he comment aa jata, at least I would have been able to reply then! (The mysterious guy or girl who will capture the universe, apologies πŸ˜‰ )

Since that day, started a roller coaster ride. And um, the wordcount just said 420 at the last sentence πŸ˜› WordPress is such a buddy πŸ˜‰
This post might get a little long Par aaj jaanay ki zidd na karoo. Read it till the end, thankyou! *grins* There aint no poem to sum it all up this time, y’know, I aint a poet. Nor can I play with words. Buuuuuttt. I’ll still fry up your brains, and I’ll tell you evvvvverything I have on my mind right now!

How about introducing you to the gems I found in here?
*writes for so effing long and deletes it all*

Nazar lag gayi tou? -__-
I can’t afford to lose them y’know! But sad life, I am a girl, can’t let it innnn. Okay, here I start! I don’t need no kaala teekaz ‘coz apparently its black everywhere! So yeah, evil eye won’t work this time! -.-

So wants to know who Capture Universe actually was?
She’s my Deeeeee!! She turned out to be a girl πŸ˜› And guess what? The MOST amazing one I have ever known. She’s like my mother, my sister, my best friend, my guide, my mentor and what not! She’s the All-in-one! package! πŸ˜€ Annnd.. she’s the best! From lending an ear to my silliest jokes to being by my side at the cruelest moments of life and coming up with the best of advices, Dee gets a piece of my heart. It’s a little black, but who cares, black is the new red! πŸ˜‰

How about knowing a Spotless Soul now? The name says it all.
You know when life gets you down on your knees and you have no strength to get back up, God sends an angel to your rescue. One who grabs your hand and pulls you away from a pile of dirt and cleanses your soul and makes you look at the reality subtracting the bitterness truth carries along. Spotless is her soul, and is such that you’d fall in love without even knowing. (: I have a strange unexplainable bond with her, and well, words won’t do justice so lets just stop here. Hira, you’re ahmazing! Trust me.

Hira reminds me of Momal and Salman! No links for his blog, he deletes ’em quite often, but trust me he’ll back with a bang soooonn! (: for those who have read the blog a little, you know who he is. We met on a rather funny note, and I have seen many transitions along the road. From secrets to gossips and from sorries to thanks. There’s so much to say but I’ll do much pranks! πŸ˜› So I better go all sssshhhh.. and send a prayer your way.

Whom to talk about next?
How about my bhaiiyaaz here? ^_^

For the regular readers or stalkers, they know how much I wanted a real brother! But when you really ask for a thing, you get it. This time, I got not just one, not just two, but a whole clan! πŸ˜€ *grins from ear to ear*
Ladies and gentlemen, lemme introduce, my dearie brothers!
Wasif bhai! Thanks so much, for assuring that no matter what happens, I’ll always have a big bro at my back. And by my side too (: I still want you to blog about life bhai, for you have done SO much for us, for all the bloggers. I remember when I was new here, and a post of mine got many visits, something fishy I smelt, but when two and two were put together, I found a tweet linking my post (: That was the day I found out how some gems work behind the curtains and share nothing about themselves but about the positivities in the lives of the people they know. Rock on bhai!

Aadil bhai! I SO wish to get to know what goes on in your mind -.- And more than that, I wish I could splash all the bright colors of life in yours! You made me addicted to softmints cocomos and finally green tea! Your bacha is thora thora sa inspired by you (:

BMK! This one is still a mystery. I need to learn how to smile and make others smile even when your world is falling apart. He is SO joyous (MashaAllah) kay soccchhh hai aapki! πŸ˜€

Anyone ever heard of the NIDO BABY? πŸ˜€ Or lets put it this way..
Ourrr PROFESSOR SAHB!Β  πŸ˜€ oh yesh, he’s doing a PhD! :\ Baray log, bari baatein, aur usss say bhi bari unki degree πŸ˜€ Don’t we remember him waiting for his visa in allll his posts? πŸ˜€ And then spreading smiles all around with his hilarious comments! (: Hope you get done with your research soon, and more than that, i hope we get a ‘Dr’ with our names on the same day! #junewish πŸ˜€

How can I forget Uniii πŸ˜€ ! (:
Your comments have made my nights πŸ˜› Lol, I acccchay say remember them coming on the most unexpected of times, when I actually needed someone to say its gonna be all okay. And not just with formal notes, you actually came up with some practical advices to get things right! And oh, how can I evveeerrr forget your C it her way! ? πŸ˜€ I still have a hardcopy. Thank you SOO muchh! ❀

Here comes my two twin beauties. My hotties. My lurrrrvs. Too bad I can’t marry both of ’em -.- tsk.
Yusssraaa! My girlfriend. My love. My fiance. Okay I have two more, but she was the first one. :$ A smile can hide so much pain behind, she has that perfect smile. She’s the candle in the storm.
My sis in law, Iqraaa! The twin soul to my gf. She is the perfect amalgam of love and aggression. We love directions I suppose, tabhi we go through a LOT of ups and downs. πŸ˜‰ Its more of a unhen aata hai pyaar par gussa, humein gussay pay pyaar ata hay thingy with her. Don’t kill me Ikka. You know I love you.

Faizan Chaki – A few changes are for the good, and few for the bad. But transformations, which are made by oneself, which are executed by fighting from the devil inside, are just commendable. So is the case with this brother. In many many many little and weird ways, you’ve inspired me, and I am so sure, hundreds of youngsters out there too! Thumbs up Chaki jee! πŸ˜›

Shaheryar Hasan aka Stalker chacha! πŸ˜€ You can’t NOT mention him when you talk about Faizan, or when you talk about stalking. Some people just have this weird art of smiling in all situations, and stalking at the same time too πŸ˜› He is one of them. Baray log buht bari bari baatein bhi kartay hain. And baray log reminds me of one more characteristic feature this mammal has. HE’S A NERD. And I won’t believe anything against it no matter whoever says he’s not or whatever. There’s some mystery in him. Some ajeeb si mystery I’ll figure out someday! -.-

Here they come! The lamest creations of God (according to their twitter bio)
Sana Nasir aka Sardar jee! πŸ˜€ annnnndd Edward hater Ali bhai aka Gaindak!
So ages ago, the poor owner of this blog was in love. Yes truly madly deeply in love. With whom? The only awesome vampire who belonged to our clumsy fellow Bella. But one sided love stories don’t go well. People don’t let two lovers be together either. And this is what Mr. Gaindak did to me. From calling edward gay 24/7 to not doing anything else.. he succeeded in fading away my love for him. Sigh. And guess what? He turned out to be, surprisingly, a senior from school too. -.-
But My sardar jee? She’s amazing no? Despite her hatred for Edward, she teamed up with me, and fought with this kunwen ka gaindak with all her might and so one day, this dhannokili, will surely dance for you! πŸ˜›
PS. She is the one who wrote that aaaaaaaaalllaaa story with Adnan as the male lead. ❀ Haye.

Whose next?
The Munaf sisters! πŸ˜€
Anum and Rida , the two of ’em! Two tiny lil creatures (okay not so tiny, tiny as in cute! Blaah πŸ˜› ) The most caring and loudest people i know πŸ˜€ And oh, they get a good friend award too! One is a dentist, the other one’s a medical student.. so yeaaaahh. Medical doesn’t leave us anywhere. -.-

Speaking of medical, lets not forget this daaktar!

Xehraaa! – thehappiest doctor in making! (Thats what she said once) but I still wonder how can that be possible :\ Brrrrr, jo bhi hai. She is ZE COOLEST DAAKTAR in sindh! πŸ˜€ And none can forget her love for Mr.Z, our beloved you know who! Zehra, thank you hun, for making me kick aside my worries and have a lil chill pill all the time (:

And Xehra reminds me of our royal highness, our princess, P.Eych! Its always good to have someone you know personally on blogger! (: When you want a fair share of suggestions, go to her, and grab the best of em!

and and and..
Saaddaaaamm.. You have made it in here too! YO! \m/

And summing it all up, NOT to forget my beshtie!
B.H ! Now go figure out ways to get to his blog πŸ˜€
From weirdest conversations to epic bezztis to sweetest of poems, BH is the besht beshtie! He comments thora kum kum, but thats okay. I can proudly call him that. And oh, did I mention? He’s Shakespeare ka latest version. Sigh. Sad life me no knows engleeeez.


There’s more to write about Ubaid, Nimra, Sidra, Sajeel, Haris, Sana, Urooj, Sandra, Emmanuel, Buttercup, Jingle, Sakshi and sooooooooo many more people I value! I might just come as I get time and edit this post and make it a lil longer. And I still feel like i am missing a looooot of people but well, sad life, me haz shorts the terms the memories the loss.



I have no more happy shappy stuff or some stupid resolutions to write but, but BUT see this lady smiling behind the screen? No you don’t. But you know she does. Each single visit, to my crappiest post too has bought a smile on my face, added a moment to my so called emo dukhi life. So yeah. ALL OF YOU.

I loved myself seeing it your way.



31 thoughts on “Blow up the candles!

  1. Wappy Bwethday to the Blaang. (y)

    Masha Allah, kitna baRa ho gaya hay. baiThne bhi laga hay. so naughty abhi se … Allah khair karay aagay. : D

  2. Aww :D.. The baby’s a year old? Itni jaldi kaisay hogaya :D… I remember the cute lil infant :P.

    Well, on a more mature (*straightens a non-existent collar*) note, I’m soo happy for you! :).. You indeed made a cool journey and remembered the people who touched your life one way or the other.

    I didn’t expect to be mentioned waisay :P. Cuz I normally don’t make an appearance much :$. But it’s so flattering that you have a hard copy of a poem written by me !! *feels very honored*

    THANKS πŸ˜€

    And keep writing !! πŸ™‚

    1. Bass time flies, he’ll start taking your name too in a few days! πŸ˜€

      I can NOT forget the gems I found here. EVER!
      Haha, jee nahi you deserved to be here, I can not forget the three very important times when you commented and I needed some help like crazy!

      Aww, mention not!
      Sure I will, thankyooooooou! ❀

  3. hey happy blog bday..:) though got bit late due to work nd all..made me really smile reading this post :D..thanks for the words..nd it doesn’t seem u hve been here since just 1 year..:p..gudluck for ur and ur blog’s future :)..May Allah bless u..

  4. Happy Birthday to your blog! πŸ˜€ ♥
    it seems like you’ve come a long way. yayyyy. i love how you’ve mentioned your blogging friends in this post, that’s really sweet.
    my blog isn’t even a year old yet. :O

    1. Thanks Furreee! ❀
      And yes, the road has been a long one, but the ride has been pretty adventurous! ^_^
      And I have been a reader of your blog since it was all about Jackie Bhagnani or whoever that guy is :\ (Dont kill me please πŸ˜€ )

  5. Alay baby itna bara hogaya? =P πŸ˜‰ HHAAHAAHA!
    I bet u feel like a proud mom πŸ˜‰
    Congratz buddy πŸ˜€

  6. hey ur article “Blow up da candles” truely rockssss, really i was so engrossed reading it, written wid so sinerity, honesty and hilariously humbly at some were, but liked it. wish ur baby blog a tonnes of warm wishes and hope u see ur blog grow really big and cool. πŸ™‚

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