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– The Beast Within –

Each one of us lives in a false world, with a fake smile carefully placed on our faces. The ‘good’ we portray is not always the real good. Its wrapped in selfishness at times. But however, sometimes we fight this devil inside of us – at times we win, at times we gotta accept our defeat. We are mightier than this is, yet we fail to accept our strength. We are better, and there’s always room for more. The beast in me, the beast in you – is something we better kill. And if not kill , better cage it in..

Beneath every layer, of this fleshy mass,

Hides a latent beast.

Who revives and rises on a single click,

has innocence as its feast.

The beast is in there,

Let it be asleep..

Coz once it awakens,

It gets darker and deep.

Strange it is how, our feeble soul,

Holds it captive in a thumping heart.

Strange it is how, such conflicting instincts

Breathe in one body, and are not apart.

Peace one gets, with commendable control.

The latter just breaks the rules,

The boundaries, the fence, the ethics and all,

By Diving in sinister pools.




42 thoughts on “– The Beast Within –

  1. True words. How easy for all of us to become fakes. So much so, that sometimes it is hard for your own self to figure out the true you!

    Beautifully written!

  2. Don’t we struggle with this all the time? Its something incorporated within you and constantly reminds that no matter how much you self fashion yourself to be accepted in a ‘society’, the reality is that we are still animals somewhere in the depth of our existence.

  3. “Strange it is how, such conflicting instincts
    Breathe in one body”

    So very true! Humans are complex creatures. Your poem does a lovely job of expressing that we all have a dark side.

  4. Through Tazkia-e-Nafs we can tame our lower self which you are calling a beast. This is the point where religion has a role to play. The people of true faith never submit to their lower selves.

  5. some much thought in this…wonderful piece….good and evil are two faces of us…just the balance between the two differs from person to person…some remain strong , some stray…

  6. ‘Strange it is how, our feeble soul, Holds it captive in a thumping heart’ … I love those lines, and I love your poem. It captures the ongoing wrestle between that which we ought to do and that which we choose to do. At least, as I seem to keep saying, this is what I take from it. Brilliant. 🙂

  7. ah, what an interesting paradox, isn’t it? What exactly do we do with that creature lurking underneath? It’s such a cool theme to explore and you did an awesome job with it.

    1. Indeed it is, what to do with it? Just prove yourself superior to it, and then n there its gonna give up! (:
      Glad you liked the theme, I was abboutt to change it! 😉

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