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Been a long time since I have written any poem. Last night the words just kept on spilling on a blank sheet and here’s what I have in the end. An english translation is what follows. (:

– Malaal –

Kahin silsilon ka sawaal tha,
kahin hoslon ka zawaal tha.
kahin door basti theen manzilen,
bas isi ka humko malal tha.

Kahin larkharatay qadmon se,
kahin num khayali si ankhon se,
kuch dikha nahi humein aj tak,
bas isi ka humko malal tha.

Rah-e-shikwa pe, jo jawab thay,
unhen dhoondna bhi wabal tha.
hogi sub’ha bhi,ye wehm raha..
Bas isi ka humko malal tha.

Kahan qurbaton ki bheer may,
humay saa’ns lena mahaal tha,
phasay is jahaa’ ki zanjeer may,
Bas isi ka humko malal tha.

Ab talak rahi hasraten..
safr jo tha mere khayal ka.
Aankhen khuli, dikha sach mujhe,
Bas isi ka humko malal tha.

Jab chat gayeen sab dooryan,
Aur mit gaye sab faaslay.
Hum reh gaye tanha yahan.
Aur isi ka humko malal tha.

(English translation)

Accompanied by few question marks,
Clung their strength and its dull sparks .
The journey still seemed on and on.
That’s all I lament upon.

With stumbling steps along the way,
with watery eyes having their say,
the path seemed blur and all forlorn,
That’s all I lament upon.

How blessed was I, how stressed,too;
was all in the hands of fate.
My life on a whole was destiny’s norm.
That’s all I lament upon.

On the course of carp, lay answers in the dark;
to find ‘em was the only hitch.
And I waited for sun,which was never to dawn.
That’s all I lament upon.

Was hard to breathe ,
in a crowd of creed,
delusions stuck to the daysbygone
that’s all I lament upon.

The woven dreams, now start to choke;
as the journey ends of my thoughtful stroke.
On ogling the truth, found myself torn.
That’s all I lament upon,

When distances bid me farewell
When spaces formed a union
I found myself, sole and alone.
And that’s all I lament upon.



39 thoughts on “Malaal

  1. ooopssss!!!! so impressive
    Ab talak rahi hasraten..
    safr jo tha mere khayal ka.
    Aankhen khuli, dikha sach mujhe,
    Bas isi ka humko malal tha.
    and theses lines makes u feel that
    jo hum rah chunte hain
    wo sahe niklen us ka hamen shuba tha
    par wo rahen to ek dhoka then
    bus un rahon par hamen malal tha 🙂

  2. wo rastey, wo manzalain,
    sarab nahi haqeeqat hon gee,
    kion bhala; tumhey ye gum’an tha,
    wo qurbatain, wo aashna,
    rahain ge um’r sada,
    khalish ho gee na ranjashain,
    sad’da bahar ka tumhey imkaan tha,
    bikhrain gee na ummeedain,
    bas; yehi tumhey ubhaam tha,
    afsos hamein; yehi malaal tha!

  3. Aww I feel so sad after reading the poem.

    Did you do the translation yourself?? *quite impressed*

    And the fact is, (I never thought I’d say this), but the Urdu version captures the exact essence of what you’re trying to say. Not the English one.. 🙂

    Hope you feel cheerful soon!

  4. I think the translation doesn’t do the Hindi (or is it Urdu?) one complete justice, but does enough to convey the essence. its very beautiful, Shagufta..

  5. I have fallen short of words and expressions that can even come close to describing how much I liked this poem, Shagufta…it touched the deepest corners of my heart… I felt a chill and got goosebumps as I read it!
    Simply beautiful!!

  6. There were so many posts and so many comments on all that I couldn’t make up my mind about where to comment.
    Kher, this is my favourite so far, so I am commenting here. I haven’t gone through all.
    You are awesome. Seriously.
    Keep it up.

  7. wow ! .. mujhe nahi pata tha k meri sweet si bla bla sister itni achi shayara bhi hai 🙂

    Mujhe Amjad Islam Amjad ki ye intihai khoobsurat nazm yaad a gai 🙂

    Kahan aa k ruknay they rastay, kahan morr tha usay bhool ja
    wo jo mil gaya usay yad rakh jo nahi mila usay bhool ja

    wo tere naseeb ki barishein ksi aur chat pe baras gayein
    dil-e-bekhabar meri baat sunn usay bhool ja usay bhool ja

    mein to gum tha tere he dheyan mein, teri aas, tere gumaan mein
    saba keh gai mere kaan mein mere saath aa usay bhool ja

    ksi ankh mein nahi ashk-e-gham, tere baad kuch bhi nahi hai kam
    tujhe zindagi ne bhula dia tu bhi muskura usay bhool ja

    kyun attaa hua hai ghubaar mein, gham-e-zindagi k fishaar mein
    wo jo darj tha tere bakht mein, so wo ho gaya usay bhool ja

    na wo ankh he teri ankh thi, na wo khawb he tera khawb tha
    dil-e-mutazir tou ye kis liay,tera jaagna, usay bhool ja

    ye jo raat din ka hai khel sa, isay dekh, is pe yaqeen na ker
    nahi aks koi b mustaqil, sir-e-aaina usay bhool ja

    jo bisaat-e-jaan he ulat gaya, wo jo rastay mein palat gaya
    usy roknay se hasool kya, usay mat bula, usay bhool ja

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