The Pre-modular Chill Pills.

*clears throat*

An optimist is supposed to believe that there always is something good in everything bad and look at the other side, the brighter side of the picture, nay?
And I believe an optimist should accept failure as a stepping stone towards success coz the harder you fall, the higher you bounce, right?
And aint it true that the greatest people in the world had failed badly in some part of their struggling yet oh-so-productive lives?
Annnnd not forgetting that girtay hain shahsawaar he medaan e jang main.. ‘ wala phrase, let me also highlight the fact that whatsoever has to happen, will happen and trying to go against it by putting all your efforts to turn the tables wont help anyway so it’s better to accept the reality. Phew.

Okay, enough of the tamheed now.



And maybe thats the reason i’m being sucha ms.optimist today!
After exactly two hours, I’ll be having this khatarnaak khaufnaak ibratnaak sheet in my hands which I have no clue how am I gonna fill but one thing is for sure that this time, for the first time in my medical zindagi, i am gonna fail! -__________-
And there’s this ‘andar say aawaazein aa rahi hain‘ wali feeling that nothing can save me today and i wont cry at my first F in this med school. And the oh so very dheeet shagufta in me i actually mentally physically socially morally economically financially prepared for it but at the same time there’s this shy lil girl out there who is silently praying to God to do a miracle and save her and whose yelling out loud i nher heart kay Allaah mian pleeeeeeease pass kara den! But she also knows thats not gonna happen, and whats the worst that can happen anyway? Just a lil bezti?
But I am supposed to throw a lil ice cream party celebrating colors of failure 😐

Whatsoever, I should be revising my stuff right now but I am sad to know that this girl has reached the level of procrastination and I honestly dont know what am I gonna do in the examination hall today! :$ And the thought kinda makes me worried but its making me hyper I dunno why and this isnt good it shouldn’t be the way it is right now only if I could read my post once again and glance through the sentece structures but who cares i aint a literature student I am a med student who is supposed to be a geeky nerd and talk about how her flexor carpalis radialis or whatsoever that weird muscle’s name is should be working or how can a fracture at the surgical neck of humerus could damage the axillary nerve but all she does is weigh her bhaari bharkam books and stares at them fo hours and tweet their weights for another couple of hours and then gets tired and sleeps and no the story doesnt finish so soon! But yeah the sentence does, so where was i?

I never, evvver, evvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaa did baby! :\
*says it the bruno Mars way*

And no i aint freaking out, im so chilled out kay soch hai apki!


12 thoughts on “The Pre-modular Chill Pills.

  1. HAAAHA! soch hai AAAPKI =P
    Yaaar chill karo waqayeeeeeeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€ fail nahin hogay to dar kese khatm hoga exams ka! *pats on ur back* πŸ˜‰

  2. And you call your self a medical student. Your daddy would be so proud of you. I’d kill my self if I were you, just saying. I like failures though. But I really do hope you don’t fail. That ander-wali-awaazain-feelings made me laugh real hard, I used to use that line a lot. =) Lucks.

    1. I’d have killed myself too, but I have got something else doing it for me. (:
      And I had to fail it this time Anon, I had to accept this lil failure to make him proud later on in the semesters.
      Lol, yeah I remember, now I use it a lot! Thanks for the wish, hope what you hope comes true! (:

  3. yad hai once i have told u k to clear these exams is really tough ab aya yakeen πŸ˜›
    aur maze ke bt ye hai main ne aj tk kbhe bhe midterms clear nhe kye hain par final main teacher meri shakkal dekh rhe hote hain k wohe hai jis ne midterm ye test clear karne ke kbhe zehmat nhe ke πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  4. TRY EVERYTHING NOW SO YOU HAVE NO REGRETS LATER…Go with this formula…experience the flavours (read:consequences) of everything:P
    waisy bhi baad mein moqa milay na milay…but on a more serious note I hope you score well….quite well:)

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