The breaky fasts and a thank you post!~

So I had forgotten that I actually own a blog- a blog that I once called is like my kid. o.O
And I really dont believe that I am posting anything here after thhhis long. There was a time I used to post almost daily, and read loaaaads of blogs as well. And now.. no news. And in this case, no news is NOT good news.

I have realized this lately that I dont blog or tweet anything but depressing stuff (which I personally dislike, yesh I do.) but this time, I have tried my best to not spread sad faces but as if my tries and efforts will work. *forcefully smiles*

I don’t even know why am I writing this post,or how will I end it, but well, once you guys are here, so please be kind to me and read it all. Or you may not read till the end as well, no issues coz I myself am not gonna read it completely once I finish writing. Hehe.

Okay ssshhh. How are y’all? (: Hows life treating you hmm?
And did somebody even miss me? (how despo of me to ask that, but yeah, whatever *says it the burger way*) I have been good, maybe? I have been.. um, ungrateful? Yesh. As always. Nothing new in that.

But yeah, there’s one thing I am thankful about. There are many, but in the past few days I have come across through quite a few ups and downs I had never imagined would happen to me ever. People at university are good, really good. The ones I had been a lil judgmental about proved me wrong, and the ones I got my hopes attached to, also did. (: BUUUUTT.

THANK YOU is all I can say to them. To my friends. They might not find this post ever, or maybe not know how much I respect them, and even I know I wouldnt thank them on their faces, but this one.. goes out to you all. They say friends are tested in your bad times, they aint the ones who clap on your success, they are the ones who wipe your tears in bad times. For me, the good times spent with you all are a true blessing, and my birthday party, thanks SO much for that. (:
But its not just this, I gotta thank you from the core of my heart for what you all did in the previous weeks. Just saying it all here, coz I feel like saying so.

Thank you Sabaha for keeping my medicines with you all the time, in case I forget to carry them along. Thanks for those head massages in all the times I needed them oh so badly.
Hadia, thanks for the support. (: Thanks for being around all the time. Thank you for not leaving a mareeza alone anywhere in the university premises.
Teddy, thank you hun, for the hugs and the assurance that you’ll always be there. (:
Ammara, teri mehrbani. (: For those lil psychiatric sessions, and the lil phrases which made me feel blessed, for making me look at the brighter side, and well, for believing my lie. *guilty*
Sidrah and Shifa, ittnaaa sara khayal rakhne k liye thanks! (:
Maham, thanks for accompanying me to the hospital that day.
Hafsa n Uroosa, dil he dil mei itni saari duaayon ka bht shukriya. ❤
Arqam, Atif, Ahzam and Daniyal, thank you. What if God dint give me a genetic brother, He gave me you all. Arqam, thank you for rushing that day to get my meds when you yourself had gone through a leg surgery. Atif and Ahzam, thank you for dragging the strecher to the causality department that day. Though I could walk, but for my ease and comfort, you guys did it. Thank you for the beverages when my insulin was playing games. Daniyal, thanks for letting me make fun of you to bring myself back into a good mood.

Bhai, Hadia, Teddy, Atif, Arqam and Ahzam- thank you again for accompanying me to the scan that day. I was scared. You guys didn’t make me feel a thing. :’)

I could go on and on but i am scared of the evil eye.

Allah mian, just give me one chance to repay them for all they did. And let me avail it too.


PS. Dannnnng! I forgot to write about the breakky fasts thingy in the title :\
Laterz peeps! Tata batata!!



14 thoughts on “The breaky fasts and a thank you post!~

  1. Yes, I missed you! (and no, you don’t sound despo!).
    And happy Belated Birthday :):)

    It’s great to have friends Alhamdulillah! And it’s a cool thank you post for them.. One thing I don’t understand..

    Medicines? Your medicines?? What on earth for ? Like, you mentioned insulin, so do you like, have hypoglycemia? :S:S:S

    1. Awesomeness! ^_^
      I missed you too! And Chotpo too! :\

      Thankyoooouu! *hugs*

      Ermm, naa, no hypoglycemia as yet, but i’m getting these super weird headaches that make me go insane for a while :\

  2. you are blessed to have ppl around who care for you! bt still an advice, as absurd it may sound but true it is, never ever make yourself vulnerable enough that there remains no hitch in you being approached!

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