She’s like a star.

Dear star in the sky,

I haven’t seen you in a while. Not even on the big day. I wanted you, kept waiting for you, but you dint come.
For now, just know one thing.

I am waiting.
And I want you to be there.


12 thoughts on “She’s like a star.

  1. At times it gets hazy throughout the sky, things just don’t look clear but that doesn’t mean that the people or the stars have disappeared. It’s just the mighty wrothful haze that we have to live with all our lives that hides them but they are there always, when your sight can’t reach up to that star maybe some other person in some other part of the world is looking at it and wishing the same things that you might want to wish so it’s just the reach of your sight and the fog in between, nothing else.

  2. Don’t wait…………!
    The one who leaves, never comes back…. neither a thing nor a person. Don’t deceive yourself, never hurt yourself!
    There are some hidden words, if you could understand.
    Learn the language of silence!

  3. Beautiful shaggs 🙂
    The star up there sometimes disappears, I search worried through the velvets of black but … then it’s just not there. But I have a hope that where ever it is shining it is the glow of my star that people may be gazing at ! If the star is there shining up in the sky and far from your sight, you can feel it’s glow in your heart 🙂

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