The darker side.

All this time I have been crawling. Crawling to reach that finish line I had drawn in a dream. A dream filled with a dash of fire. A dream that forced fate to do miracles. A dream that made a blind imagine the beauty of colors.

Today, you almost killed that dream. You attacked on it. And I defended. Do I really need to tell you that this assail of yours has bruised me badly. Tired not torn, I am on a new mission now.

A mission that sounds impossible.  But hey, dear life, have you ever given me smooth roads to travel upon?

Fire doesn’t scare me. heights do. I am scared to be on a height from where I look down upon the sand that made me ‘me’. the way I am now, is how a few dirty and pure hands have moulded me. And someday in future, when you ever come to know that each word here was written coz of you; maybe, just maybe you realize then how marvelous would the output have been if you had offered a few petals, no matter how dried, instead of thorns.

On a new mission I am, SQFBZ. I will. Mark my words.


Dear world and its mysterious inhabitants,
I can never trust you. I can never love you.


12 thoughts on “The darker side.


    Recite 50 times Awal o akhir Darood e Pak SWS…Every night before sleeping…..

    Allah pak will comfort your heart and soul…. Inshallah….

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