7:22 am.

maximum fifteen minutes to get ready.
What to wear? Cant decide.
To go or not to? Cant decide.
To gnkarlengvarkengvkarns or not to? Cant decide either.


I feel. pata nai. I gotta function coming up and my voice is lost somewhere. I woke up welcomed by an old friend- the oh-so-dreadful-yet-oh-so-uninvited-yet-oh-so-so-so-here flu n sore throat.

I dont wish to talk to anyone. -___- I dont want to go, but I guess I’ll have to. I..want to have ice cream, i so do. My knees hurt, and so does my arm. :\

I feel so. low.


Good morning.


12 thoughts on “—-

  1. hmmm…well its nice that you feel that way in flu…
    I feel myself UGLY in flu so I always take a hide when suffering from my oh-so-not-welcomed-friend-flu.
    Anyways…good luck with your routine…
    I keep an BURQA for it…

  2. shaggy kid, now u not in school but a medical ab yeh harktein nhi chalein gi :p..nd i m sure function mein u won’t hve to sing, so dun wry abt voice 🙂

    1. Professor sahab 😀
      abhui its just the start na, so dont worry, i will be back on track in a while 😉 (hopefully)

      duhh i didn;t have to sing but trust me when you gotta address alota people with a voice like this :$ Banda pareshan tou ho he jata hai :\

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