Glares n stares n flares.


Okay, so I am writing a blogpost. Dont go for the title, asusual I couldn’t come up with any creative one and this was the only thing that suddenly popped up. So yeah, new year, eh? Mubarak ho.

Since an hour, I have been reading the posts I have written on cimw. I was such a bonga kiddo back then. Abhi bhi there have been no positive improvements but sadly I realized I have changed into quite bizarre and eccentric ways. *dislike*

Sorry for boring you dear reader (wonders if anyone still visits) but at this time of night, I dont think I should bother any darling human I know. Bloggy dear, I know I sound rude today, but. Y’know, it’s that same old feeling thats taking over my mind. Ajeeeeeeeb si gandi si bhyanak ibratnaak hawalnaak khaufnaak feeling. And I know talking crap would distract me a little. So I will sharafati se do this.

Just to update you guys a little, I have started writing a daily diary. Like a proper tameez ki diary. I write it whenever I get a chance, whether in class during the lecture, or in the cafeteria, or in the library, or who knows sometimes in the kitchen too. :/ weird I know. Par chup.

I have befallen to a pro bunker. Aint my fault, the teachers are. aaaaaalaaa. -.-
Besides, I dont feel like staying in class. 350 students stuffed into a single lecture hall with a thousand things to distract you and such a low electronegative sermon is enough to exchange places with the best lullaby and make you fall asleep. So instead, I , bunk the class, and go to the library. *guilty smile, just to cover it all up* duh.

Uni life is a little difficult. okay a LOT. And when you are a medical student, it gets harder. Alhamdolillah the friends people I hang out with are quite good. And trust me, you get to see a looottt of characters to entertain you. And to turn you off as well. Its also a lil shocking to see people change their statements like a chameleon camouflages. The cafeteria is so small. And did I tell you I have fallen in love with a hawker’s bun kabab! πŸ˜€ The burger we get in the cafeteria inside the uni is sooo.. extra hygienic. But the one we get from the hawker on the nearby hospital’s gate is SUPER YUMMMYY!! πŸ˜€
(or how about I paste a pic of the two? :p not a bad idea, will buy both of em this monday!)

*takes a long pause*

I started off with such a gloomy mood. And I actually smiled abhi! Wooah. *happy*

Smile seems like a treasure these days. Qasam say its a precious gem. If you actually and truly smiled today, you’re one lucky person.


What am I writing? I was supposed to write something else. >.<
Bas, post khatam.



34 thoughts on “Glares n stares n flares.

  1. Whao, reading old posts, writing a daily diary, bunking. My GOD. you’ve really developed quite a lot of new habits. You know, i was reading my old posts on my fb as well and thinking about how bongo i was back then πŸ˜€

    Khair, waiting to eat those burgers in the the virtual world πŸ˜€

    May ALLAH bless u and give u abundant success in this life and the next INSHALLAH πŸ™‚

    1. *rolls eyes and tries to ghoomofyes the topic*
      a little unwanted changes I have welcomed. Another bongi πŸ˜›
      lol yeah I can imagine that, keeping in mind your id. πŸ˜€

      Bass sahi hai, kal i will take a pic of those burgers InshaAllah!

      Ameeeen and same goes for you and your mushkil wali parhai :/

  2. liked reading about ur uni life :) well and keep smiling and wish u a happy uni life and new year πŸ™‚ nd shabash, isi tara hamara naam roshan krti rhna by bunking classes :p

    1. You were so right about the uni life NOT being a piece of cake. -___-

      haye, thaari mehrbaani! πŸ˜›

      hehehhehe kia tight tanz mara hai apne πŸ˜€ But trust me, attend a day in my uni with these teachers and you’ll fall in love with the library!

  3. Enjoy tensions o.O
    Ye set advice di hai!

    abhi tou bht time hai, filhal dead bodies are on a vacation, tou I’ll prove to be a patient kiddo till they khushi khushi meet me 😐

  4. now u got my point y dont ever miss my uni πŸ˜€
    ** sighs** but still there is something which u dont knw n havent faced till yet πŸ˜›

  5. hmm….writing diary is a good thing…
    just do one thing more…write about one thing which makes you happy….and one thing which makes you sad/upset that day…
    It will be fun to write a list of things which makes you happy through out the year and sad….so that you may avoid them.

    Would like to read you more….good post !

  6. I forgot how to write 😦
    I miss blogging 😦
    I have lost my life to studies 😦
    I love movie making though πŸ˜€
    I hate exams 😦
    Im going through finals right now 😦
    I didnt read your whole post and Im commenting 😦 πŸ˜›
    I dont get to read blogs and comment on them now 😦
    I have a book in my lap my presentation set infront of me and I want to BLOG πŸ˜₯

    I love you and I miss thee! 😦

    1. I forgot to write too 😦
      I miss blogging mooooore than you 😦
      I have lost my life to bunking studies
      I love gossiping though πŸ˜€
      I hate exams! Yes I do!
      I am going through the post-modular examination depression phase 😦
      I didn’t even read your blog as yet! *muu chupa k runs away*
      I dont get to read blogs and comment on them now! 😦
      I have my diary in my lap and I had a bad day and I am at the other campus of my university and I soooo wanna tweet but twitter aint opening! >.< πŸ˜₯

      me too, me three! 😦

  7. Shaggy πŸ™‚ long time lil sister …
    You don’t visit my blog so often now, well i don’t blog much but still you can drop by to say a hello, no?

    Chalo take care. Hugs.

    1. Oooojjjee! ^_^
      I know i am the culprit here 😦 i have been a stalker though, Your incomplete chronicles! Here I come!

      You too take care! (:
      have fun in dubaaaaai! πŸ˜€

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