Challenging the status quo.


“I have always been dependant on someone. Always needed a push”

Aint I the same? Aren’t we all the same? Always waiting for a slight or a hard push from someone, a stimulus that could get us moving, a green signal that would let us break free of ourselves.

Reading what’s there in front of me this moment; makes me wanna share it. but no, its mine. None other shall have the right to see it. Its presence is nothing but a pleasure hiding tons of pain within.

This makes my hands tremble. I shouldn’ this.



Dee once said that memories are our only possession.



Do I need a push? I guess I do.
But no.




10 thoughts on “Challenging the status quo.

  1. forget the bad memories and keep the good ones and move on :) u need a push..yeh lo bdi zor ka dhaka lga dya hai :D…
    btw where is dee these days?? pay my salam to her if u r in contact..

  2. *stares in utter confusion*

    Er, well… duas that whatever is making you tremble, stops making you feel um, trembly?

    *tries not to decipher the gibberish*

  3. Memories are our only posession but do remember “to hide our posession is also our posession, to open it or to hide it….. judge your surrounding and share your posession. Suffocation will kill you from inside”
    I know my bacha is very intelligent…. 🙂

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