In life, there will come a time when you wouldn’t be able to figure out what’s happening. The ones who you don’t even know well will break your heart and disappoint you as if they were yor everything. The things which apparently shouldn’t even matter to you will be the greatest cause behind your most painful night. You will get what you never even asked for, and you will crave for that something you want so badly. And there will be some things which you think are petite and insignificant, but still you want them, and when you start losing hope, that thing will come up running to you. A minute’s joy that would be, and then you’ll be hit by a worse news, that would erase all the dazzling and beautiful strokes you had just drawn on the canvas of your dull and blank life.

How did everything happen, when and why, you wouldn’t know.

You will put on a mask, but you will fail to pretend. You wouldn’t be able to get up, and stumble upon each step. But still, you will crawl, coz you will have no other option. Your wounds will be exposed, but you will be fine and okay.

And at the end of the day, you will think what happened, and how and why. You will cry to sleep. But ultimately, you will forgot who you really were, and it will take a lifetime to find the ‘you’ you have lost.


5 thoughts on “Uncertainties

  1. There are actually VERY few moments in life, when one is absolutely certain about um, certain things. But otherwise, things are mostly murky, like climbing a mountain… you get a foothold, test it with your weight, see if you won’t fall – and take one more step.

    The uncertainty is always there 🙂 – but we learn to adapt to it somehow. Hope you figure out stuff too IA.

  2. it seems like u have given words to whatever i m going through now a days i wish i could figure out things soon and wish the same for u …

  3. wow! truly touching!!!
    this is how life’s journey progresses. What is needed to have a spirit of submission to the will of God. The more we practise it the easier life would become to carry on. This world is ordained by a divine order. Though it is difficult to comprehend but a little understanding is possible!!!!!!!!
    Miss you dear
    Stay happy!!!!!

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