From ‘Home Alone’ to ‘Babys Day Out’

Ah, yes. Tha author of this post is home alone and did NOT go to uni today. *sigh*

This is the part of day when I absolutely have no idea what happens to me. Either I get to be as thoughtful as ever and come up with some great innovative ideas or i turn into a nostalgic cry baby who has nothing to do except whining n criticizing about all the stuff in her life. This day, the latter option was on its peak. At first, I was in bed, with tissues all around (gross,i know) and trust me, i sound like the teri mehrbaani wali bandi from ufone. When I woke up at midnight, I was really frustrated coz of me not getting well, josh josh mei I had all the anti pyretics available, took a few nasal drops, took steam n what not. Annnd i slept, with a hope that I’ll be better when I wake up. But no. -_____-

A few important classes were scheduled for today, and i missed them. =(  Got four messages yet inquiring about my absence, and now i figured out that none got delivered coz my balance finished. Grrrreat. *tanzya thumbs up*

I had told api to recharge my account on her way to uni, but I guess she forgot.Koi gal nai, I am going out in an hour or so. A lil fresh air is what I need, shayad :$ I feel kinda drowsy. A few minutes ago, my head was resting on the keyboard and i was typing with one hand; at this moment, the way i am sitting is rather funny, so lets not describe that :/

There’s a cousin’s wedding this sunday. And as always, my dress aint ready. I had seen a black n golden outfit in a boutique last week, and i sooo sooo soo want it!! IF the darzi sahab doesn’t complete my dress on time, I might go buy it on wednesday (wed is tomorrow, ryt? )

Why am I telling everything to you? *confused*
Kher hai. Sun lo.

I had to go to sid’s (my bff) place today after uni. But a———————


I was writing this post before leaving for sid’s place. And the electricity blues were ready to welcome me with open arms. So, here I am, at sid’s place, completing my post.

Which reminds of something worth reminding that I actually forgot of what i was about to remind myself of.

Okay i forgot mene kia likhna tha. Blaaah.



14 thoughts on “From ‘Home Alone’ to ‘Babys Day Out’

  1. Ooooh :-S Bacha is ill And Bhaiya Not Aware 😦 *Take-out The Gun … Bang Bang* :$

    Take Great Care of Yourself Bacha … Read Your Other Posts Also … Don’t Become Addicted To Tea [Apologize To Awais] It isn’t Good … Take Hot Milk Instead of it …

    Jaldi Se Fit-Fat Warna College Mein Teacher Sab K Samnay Kaan Pakraying 😦

    1. Bhaiyya, no worries! Aaal iz well! 😀
      btw, ye gun ka target kon tha? o.O

      Unfortunately, the addiction has already grown its roots :/ MILKKK?? :O naaaaaaahh!!

      abhi i am muchhhh better Alhamdulillah!! (: Kal jaongi Inshallah!!

      1. Sachi Na 😎 ???

        Bhaiya Apne Aap Ko Target Karing … Bachay Ka Khayal Jo Na Rakhing So 😦

        That’s Not Good … Try To Avoid it At-least Take Min. Better Take Milk-Coffee Then …

        Mera Bacha RAB K Fazal-o-Karam Se Hamesha Bhala Changa Rahe Aur RAB Bachay K Hath Mein Shifa Wali Jadoo Ki Stick B Den [Ameen] 🙂

  2. nice funny post in sickness 🙂 so shaggy kid is grown up now to attend weddings :D…ab baar yaad kratay acha tu nhi lgta, bt wh mera kaam ki bhi try krna wedding mein :P..kidding :)get well soon..

    1. hahaha yeeah, dimag kabhi kabhi chal jata hai 😛

      :O :O :O
      Kiiia matlab hai apka! Im 5’7 and seventeeen 😀 I CAN go to weddings and not being dressed in a pink frock with hello kitty wali hairclips.. I have grown up 😛

      hahaha, its on sunday! *wink wink* thora sa sabr 😛

  3. helllo missss
    thek hoja yar
    n stop missing uni 🙂
    bht mushkil se lec milenge 🙂
    n get weellllll sooon 🙂

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