The Tea Record!


OKay, i skipped my patho class n came home. I felt a lil fine in the morning, but God knows why the flu n fever took over again :/

I was constantly sniffing in the class today. In the first tea break, I, SHAGUFTA ABBAS actually DRANK TEA!! After ages. Apni marzi se. 😐 Dad and api will surely get shocked once they come to know that I bought four cups of tea consecutively.

*sneezes again*

*and again*

Yaaaaaaaaaaar. wth. >_<


Isnt it cold today? I wonder what will be the weather tomorrow, i hope its not that cool, coz I have no plans of skippin another class. Tea makes u feel sleepy or what? :S I felt a lil better pehle but now its just the same.

My other friends might be in the class this moment, n i am home. Our neighbor just bought haleem for me, as if I would really eat it :/ I aint that cruel, I feel like nausea.

blaaahh. I should better sleep.


14 thoughts on “The Tea Record!

  1. haha :D..uni mein tea is v necessary kid :)..this was just the start..agay agay dekhna :)..khopdi kholnay k lye tea bht zaroori hoti hai :)..get well soon from flu..

  2. yah dua thi na hi bad dua :)..itna bda business hai waisay yeh :P..anyways start having tea..nuthng bad in it..i never used to hve it before my uni..its good for mind :p

  3. OMG, did i read 12 or 120 :S… yeh kon si tea hai 120 rs ki :S :S…koi hand kr gya hai bhai tumhare saath :D…
    dun wry, its not an addiction..u can take it, no worries..

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