From the desk of Hakeem Shagufta


*waves hand*

How have y’all been? I kinda miss you guys.

This post should start with a good news a few of you are still not aware of =\


5 more years, n the author of this post will be Dr.Shagufta! 😀 😀
sounds pretty good, nai? (:

Okay, not-SO-good.

Medicine is so tough! No seriously, its just been four days and ufffff.. I feel like giving up =\ but oye! Itne paapar islie thore na belay hain! 😛
Okay, jokes apart, uni life is.. well.. uni life.

Its so..grown up! I remember the time when I used to think of THE day when I’ll get into a university (hopefully a medical one, n well, hopes not shattered 😉 ) I have always thought of it as a red letter day in the history of my life, waited for this day to come for soooooooo long, n well, that day just came like the blink of an eye and now is a part of past. Time flies. Seriously.

Its almost 3am now, and this is the time when I can say I have managed enough time to have a look at my blog! The daily tough schedule, is r-e-a-l-l-y tough! Getting up early, getting dressed and yes, DO NOT FORGET THE WHITE COAT! 😀 😀 (thats the only charm of being a to-be-doctor) and carrying those bhaari bharkam super-heavy books in your nazuk nazuk hands, or stuffing them into your bags is a headache.. Then allll the way to uni, and you know what?

Somethings wrong with the students there =\ No im so not kidding.
See, this is how it goes, we have approx 300+ students in our class, and if the class is supposed to start at 11.30, they’ll be seated an hour ago!! >_< And then the ones who think they are so punctual n reach the class at the given time ( people like me ) they hardly get a place to sit! =\
A few geeks dont even avail the breaks. They wait for the rest of the exhausted students to leave the lecture hall and as soon as they leave, the trying-to-be-over-smart population occupy the front seats. Banda cafe bhi naa jaye kia?

Cafe se yaad aya, its SO SMALL! Chunna munna sa hai =p
but whatever, hai tou!

The first class starts at 8.30 sharp, and the last one ends at THREE!! DAILY!!

By the time I am home, I feel like a boneless fleshless himmat-less creature, and the books.. like THE-BOOKS?!!

*drops down dead*

*gets up again to finish the whining doze*

the books are s-c-a-r-y! itni saari parhaai! Its like.. KESE HOGA?!!
But then I think, itne ajeeb ajeeb log bhi doctor ban jatay hain, mai bhi ban he jaongi =\

Today was friday, the last lecture was supposed to end at 12.30 , but luckily, God bless Dr.H*** B**** for winding it up by 11.30 😀 and I got home early! The whole week was so tiring I couldnt even sleep properly (i slept a LOT, but not properly 😛 ) so toddday afternoon, i had a good four hour sleep!! And maybe thats the reason I am up at this time, checking out the blog n fb after 4 DAYS!!

and OH SH*T!

I almost forgot! Tomorrow the uni is open!! Till three, again. *sob*

I met a third-year student today, she told me to study for MINIMUM THREE HOURS DAILY =|

Loads n loads of news n updates n bongiyaan coming up sooon!
[The RAGGING tales too 😉 ]

PS. I kinda miss Sandra, Collin, Lisa… Hope u guys are fine n okay,
AND Uni-aza!! Just checked out her blog!
AND Professor sahb!! I hope all is well at your end too, wese mazay ki baat, hum dono kuch saal baad doctor kehlaynge! 😀
AND Emmanuel, Amanda, Trisha n Hoiden too =[ I want to get back to the rally, but how? I am confused =|

Uh oh, been an hour since im writing this. Better sleep. Or study.

Take care guys!
I might do the taggin tomorrow!
(Sorry Mahmud, but kal pakkka!
*hides under the desk*)


55 thoughts on “From the desk of Hakeem Shagufta

  1. haha shaagy kid is grown up now :)..liked reading about ur uni life..enjoy this life and would be fun and u ll remember those times 🙂
    nd may be i ll be called a doc sooner than u :p kid will always remain a kid :p

  2. *Smiles* … *Smiles* & *Smiles* all the way 🙂
    My Goofy bacha’s dream come true, Bhaiya is very happy 🙂
    Enjoy your uni life its full of fun & learning 🙂 and don’t get irritated of heavy books or study routine [Bhaiya knows you are not :P] bhaiya left medical in past coz of this :-$
    Bas ab jaldi jaldi Doctor banen so ghar ki doctor se muft elaaj ki sahoolat hasil ho sake 😀
    Stay Blessed & Cherishing always! [Ameen]

    1. *smiles more, 32 teeth arent enough, so borrows from her sis n shows a penteesi*
      😀 😀

      lol yeah, thats a dream come true (:
      but what do i hear?
      Saccchhhhiii? :O nai karen bhaaai…

      bas dua karein paanch saal jaldi guzar jayen 😉

      1. 😀 😀 😀 [Bhaiya’s Bateesi Bahir Aaying Phir Moon’h Mein Daling :-$]

        Yup :-$ Bcoz financial problems … I left studies and later on continue in I.T 😀 then left I.T jumped into Journalism 😀 and and and :-$

        Time flies [Don’t know may be coz of Red-Bull :-D] Aap Ko Pata B Nahi Chalega 5 Saal Ka 🙂 Bas Phir “Ghar Ki Doctor, Elaaj Barabar” 😉

      2. hahhahahahaha 😀 😀 (Bacha’s batteesi,oh sorry, penteesi abouttt to fall)

        and and?? 😀 Wese bhai, that’s brave enough, i mean, medical se IT? Setttt 😀

        Redbull ? 😀 milti hai meri canteen mei 😉
        hawwww bhaaaaiii >_< murghi barabar daaktar hunga main!

      3. Bhaiya Ranch Le K Bacha Ki Pentessi Tight Karing 😀

        All ALLAH’s Blessings Bacha 🙂

        Aap Ne Nahi Leni Hai :-S Awein Wing Lag Gaye Tu Phur Se Ur Jayengi Bhaiya Ko Chor K 😦 … [Woh Tu 1 Din Jana Hi Hai :-)]

        Jitne Ki Murghi Aati Hai Bacha Itnay Mein Tu Banda 2-3 Bar Doctor Ban Jata Hai 😀

      4. ziada tight mat kijyega, paanch udhaar pe liye hain, wapis bhi karne parenge 😛

        haye, how senti Wasif bhai 😛 Fikr not paanch sal se pehle nahi urrne wali 😉

        :O :O :O ye kia sonay ki murghi hai?
        Kahan milti hai humei bhi batayye 😛

      5. Api Bhaiya K Le Lengi Na Waisay B Mouth Se Out Hote Rehte Hain 😀

        5 Saal Phur Se Ur Jayenge Phir Mera Bacha B … 😛

        Yeh Woh Murghi Hai Jo Ghareeb Zindagi Mein Sirf 2 Times Kha Sakta Hai;
        1. Jab Ghareeb Bemaar Ho
        2. Jab Murghi … 😛

  3. Hey :D.
    Good to see a post from you after a longg time! And Yayy you got in! :).. Congrats loads! Hope you sail through the trials of this particular phase of life breezily. It’s definitely not easy – any doctor can tell you that.

    But any doctor will also tell how these ”were the best days of their lives” – ask my parents ;).. they say it with a dreamy look [well, dad does]… ha ha ha .. thats where he found mum actually.


    Have fun!

    1. Heyyyyyy!! 😀 I missed u so much!!

      thankoo thankooo 😉
      this is reallly mushkil. *yawns* par aey tou hai, after five years, i’ll be all ‘yaaaaaar kia din thayy’ 😉
      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
      n who knows i might get my ehm ehm too 😀

  4. ok. sowie. I commented on that post before reading this blogpost 😀 Motiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I AM VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HAPPYYYYYYYYY :’D Have fun 😛 and don’t study for three hours daily =P Make the most of ur time at uni, start group studying and don’t u dare bunk lectures =P

    1. but im replying on this one pehle 😀


      Fun? No time for it 😦
      yaaaaaaar, three hours choro, i cant get 30 proper minutes at home for studies =\

      Nooooo i aint that bunker bachi 😀 😀

  5. good luck honey! im so proud of u and im really happy for u =] inshallah ull do amazing! i’d love to call u DOCTOR gufta 1 day ;] hope ur doing well! miss u ❤

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