Bongiyaan · random

*sticks out tongue*








if you can see the above picture, that would more or less describe my condition this very moment!

For some very odd, rather unknown reason, i feel like doing it again n again.
See, i did it again.


WTH is wrong with me!?


I feel like saying this..


Kia mazzzak hai yaaar.

Bongiyaan na maro mere samnay!

*deep breath*
Ajeeb dunya hai qasam say.

I want gulab jamans right now. NOW!


NOTE: The author is currently in an undefinable
state, so kindly join in and say whatever senseless
stuff you wanna say.

Teri mehrbani.


16 thoughts on “*sticks out tongue*

  1. Shagggyyy, long time baby sister šŸ™‚
    Okay, i’m extremely sorry for showing up since ages but hey, where were you? I miss you on my page, hun.

    Talking about this post, it describes my current mode pur-feccttt-lyyyy šŸ˜€ like bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. *rolls her eyes*

    1. Heeeeeeeeyyyyaaa!! ^_^
      Its all good N! (: bas the uni schedule is a lil hard to cope with, islie i cant get enough time to blog n comment! šŸ˜¦

      lol yeh chheezzzz!
      *thumbs up*
      brrrrrrrr šŸ˜€

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