Rida’s janamdin!


-Tissue papers or hankies (LOOAAADDDS OF EM!)

-Empty Buckets

-Consoling and comforting words




C’mon guys! Here we go!

*tries to wipe the motay motay ansu of the crying clouds*


*still the sky weeps*

Ufff! Now you tell me, what shall I do?

Here’s the case!

19 years ago, God sent a lil angel to this world, and the sky cried that day. Today, on the same date, after so many years, when that angel has grown up into a baby =P the sky still weeps! =S

Aey wi koi gal aey?

Bolo isko rona band karay! Ab bhej dia dunya mai tou bas chup kar k dekhta rahay ooper say k us angel ki zaroorat hai na idher k logon ko! *hmph*

Now everyone! Tell the sky to staaaaaaapppp crying! It’s time for some celebration!!


Did I tell you who our birthday girl is?
*runs her finger through her  imaginary swirly mustache like a sindhi wadera*

Um, guess I dint!

Well, umhmm *clears throat*


…its RIDA’S birthdayyyy!!!



Sorry bachay, I cant sing you a birthday song abhi, coz my vocal cords are kinda sleepy =/ and if you hear me right now, the only sound waves that will cause your eardrum to produce vibrations would be of my nose! In short, thanks to influenza virus =P

Brrr, back to topic!!

the more special I want this post to be, the more helpless I am feeling =s but kher hai!

Um, the first time we met, I never had imagined we will get along so well. =) walking together each morning, venting our hearts out, laughing, crying, jumping in joy, self-chosen isolation, pretending to be well and what not, the past two years have been one hell of a ride =P

This doesn’t seem like a birthday post =\ but brrrr, who cares! You know its for you!

And you better know you’re special! Coz you made me blog after ages! =D

And, um.. I know life would never allocate an undying place for me in your life. But one thing, I must say, whenever that unwanted time will come, you need not to get sad, coz remember honey,

Distances do not break a relation. And they never can.

They say that friends are hard to find,
but I’ve a diff version, in my mind,
friends are many, a whole lot out there,
but a ‘good’ one to reach, you’d go where?

If I’m asked, I’d chose you.
‘coz you, too, are one of the few.
a few of those, who will be with me,
who’ll help me out, n term us as ‘we’

Time passed fast, you’re a grown up now,
it worries me yet, you’ll manage life how.
the last year of teenage, sounds scary enough,
but hopes are that its gifted with just no bluff.

You ever wondered sweetie, what we all miss this moment?
we miss our old doll, we sigh, we lament.
we miss that smile, that stretched to a mile,
and yes, the true one, we haven’t seen in a while.

We miss how this bird used to chirp all day long,
we fail to hear blunders from her when all went wrong,
we miss that old giggle, we miss those silly acts,
they now seem like fantasies, what seemed once like facts.

Bhai’s Barbie, Dee’s princess, Salman’s gurya and our beloved,
this birthday of yours, we demand what we wanted,
we want you to be back, with that childlike doll of our ours,
yes, we want her back, within minutes, not in hours.

Coz you see, life once, or twice, may knock us down
but the choice is ours, to smile, or frown.
frowning is easy, but smiling is better,
it gets you enough strength, to yourself, gather,

But do not forget, a fake one, is futile
what we want, is the same, a colgate-like smile!
silence is good, but ‘that much’ is worse,
it makes other feel it’s the outcome of a curse.

People still love you, no one does hate,
do NOT, for anything, blame your fate.
no matter if you go as far as Rome,
remember, lil angel, there’ll ALWAYS be home!

So why do you feel, like wanna going away,
staying in your shell, when there goes a way.
straight to a place, where your heart resides,
where love n care would compete all tides.

So why don’t you forget, all that happened in the past!
how can sorrows n pain, in a finite life, last?
time does heal, n yes, it heals fast.
its your birthday, its time to have a blast!

So blow up all tha candles! And wear ur party cap,
its YOUR day , so your way, you gotta celebrate!
the year ahead is unwritten, so go grab your pen,
coz now what YOU want, is what will happen!

Birthdays are supposed to be the day
when you are gifted a lot of presents..
This lady hitler wants a gift from you today.

She wants you to see the original
“Thand pao lassi pio chill maro yaaar” wali rida!

BEWARE: No copies accepted.

Wo mat karo jis se kisi ko fark na paray.
aur jis se khud khush na ho.
Sab sahi hojata hai, agar tum chaho tou.

Dont let this year waste.
Happy birthday!


11 thoughts on “Rida’s janamdin!

  1. Mera Bacha Jaisa Friend Milne Pe Barbie Ne Rona Tu Hai Hi Khushi K Motay Motay Anso K Sath 🙂
    Chalo Barbie Anso Saaf … Awein U K Ronay Ki Wajah Se Shweet Shweet Cake Salty Salty Hoing 🙂
    To be happy & cherish always then be yourself and live your life rather than living someone’s others 🙂
    May the new year brings endless blessings & happiness for you, have a blessed life ahead with family & friends [Especially Bacha :-)] – [Ameen]
    Last but not least … Bacha Ko Koi Gift Na De Sako Tu ‘Hitler’ Kehne Pe 1 Kaan K Neechay Zaroor Dena :-@ [Aur Phir Wahin Pe Kiss B :-)]

    1. Pakistan mei already bht pani beh raha hai 😉 isko bolen aur na bahaye!

      Cake bhi nahi laya is moti ne! *sniff sniff*

      Saaaari duaon ko Aaaameen!! ^_^

      hahahaha, Wasif bhai, its your barbie that calls me hitler! 😛 isko pakren!

      1. hahaha is ko samjhayen ese phatay hue baajon se kaam nahi chalta 😉

        😀 😀 hamare naseeb mei he nahi 😦

        auuur nahi tou kia!! 😦 😦
        ajaye ye barbie lijyega class!

  2. Gurya’s Style:
    “mubarkan mybarkan
    birthday mubarak
    i wish gud luck for new coming year
    allah kare is year mien koi pareshani na ho
    stay happy
    hugs to u”

    Haaye! Kya yaar! alfaz hi nahi
    Apni gurya k liye :/

    Once More~

    Gurya’s Style:
    “Haayyyeeee, kya yaarrrr, alfaz hi nahhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    apni gurya k liyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :/

    Bas Gurya ki birthday hay and dekhooooooooooo
    kitni bari hogayi hayyyyyyy

    Gurya’s reply would be:
    okaayyyyyyyyyy thnks”

    aisa hi karti hay! Once I told her a joke and was so fnny that I myself was laughing hell lot and she just said “hmmm” O_o
    But jo bhi hay! bohut sweet bhi hay and Caring bhi!
    and ahem ahem Gurya? bata doon? Ahem! lost…Girl ahem! Andar ki feelings hain Baba! bata dia tou Gurya ki taraf say kaan k neechay parengi =P
    Apun ki taraf say Gurya k fore-head par ek Kiss
    and uski coming saari life k liye Bori Bhar duaayen
    Uncle’s Mood:
    May ALLAH Bless You and Keep You Cherished Always [Ameen]

    PS. I am sorry :

  3. oh man.. 😀 this is one awesome wish…best wish ever I must say!
    that is something beyond compare yar.. Way to go shugufta! 🙂

    Here is my wish : (its not that good as compared to shagufta’s but…)

    On this BIRTHDAY may your life takes u to the straight LINE that guides u to a well BALANCED journey which shares all the COLORS of joys so that the boring PATTERN on which u feel your life to b PROPORTION-LESS turns into dynamic RHYTHM n HARMONIZE your nature so that u become a DOMINANT personality. May u live long. May the TEXTURE of your life be always smooth n may u always experience GRADATION of prosperity n happiness. With LOVE & BEST WISHES, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY to YOU RIDA! 🙂

  4. OMG 🙂
    yeh kya hai goofy i dun have words
    yeh kya kar rahe hain app ik galti i tured 18 not 19
    thnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂
    i think i dun deserve it but u made my dayyyyyyyyyyy thank u thaks to wasif bhaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee n salmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ko bhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hai allah itne ache dost mile hain
    thnks to allah mian
    n itni mote mote khushi kai ansu 4m my eyes 🙂

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