Morning mess up!

Goooood Morrninnngg!! ^_^

Dunno why but today, I feel like bak-baking a little 😀 Its been a long time since I have written aisi wali random posts..Actually, I have loads of them in the Drafts folder 😉 sadly, they never got published, coz I never completed them.

These days I was waking up thora thora late, like at seven or eight (Duuude, that rhymed!! 😀 ) but today i got up early (: The getting-up-early feeling is soo cool, nai? Kher hai, i am all dressed up and ready for the class today, will leave at 8.30, n guess what, i have some ‘diamond test’ today.. =\

Call it a coincidence or a pre-planned saazish 😛 , but every wednesday i skip my class coz there’s a test! 😀 today, it’ll prolly be the last test and its going to be my first! Im such a … whatever.

I aint well since few days, like totallllly wala well. And hey, i just noticed wordpress showing the word count as 143,hehe. oops, now its 162 =\ Blaah, whatever! Han tou where was I? oH yes, on my not-so-tandrust tales..
I was told to drink atleast two glasses of milk daily.
And MILK is something i have been escaping from since childhood days :\ I guess I can even write a book suggesting ways to dodge your guardian and not drink it..but kher hai, ab itni bhi naa shukri nai 😉 Last week i bought this big jar of ovaltine with a hope k chalo aaj se bacha doodh piye ga.. but this bacha is soooo lazy k she has been staring at that packed jar since 4 days and dint even bother to stretch and contract a few muscles to make a glass of milk =\

until TODAY!

Yes ladies n gentleman, i have this bigggggg mug in my hands with milk inside, and miraculously, it doesnt taste that bad! ^_^ So yes, there is a lil chance that this jar, hopefully wont be going to our maid but will rest in peace in my paitoo! Everybody say Aaaammmeeenn!

Goooood, aap sab k muu mei chocolates! 😀

And chocolates se yaad aya, i am getting late!! But the real question is, to publish this or not?

*scratches head*

Kher hai yaar, kar he dete hain. You guys dont bite 😉

PS. I wrote this title after ending up the post, this name sounds a lil familiar… Kia hai yehhh??! =|

PPS. I found this picture in the stuff for my blog wala folder, hows eeet? 😀


38 thoughts on “Morning mess up!

  1. This is an absolutely fantastic post Shagufta… the easy-way-expressions and lastly the image–
    There is something good everyday 🙂
    sweet philosophy and really inspiring.
    best wishes for your exams… 🙂

    Aeeee… I should tell you that I never took part in any of such exams, you are participating at least the last one 😛

  2. Haha, shaggyyy, you’re so like me 😀 ask me and i’ll tell a thou ways to dodge the glassa milk, haha. I have tried all the choco powders too but ended up eating them khaaali 😉

    Kher, missed your blog! I have been really busy with college these days. Chalo take care behna. Muaaah!

    1. Heyyyy N!! 😀
      haha, *high five!* the anti-mily gangy is innnn! 😀
      wese i dint try the powder yet, lemme try eating it thora sa.. If the pack gets finished this way, what could be better than this? 😉

      Aww, I missed yours too!!
      *rushes to ur bloggy to check out O-yyee tales :D*

      Much love,
      hope you enjoy college k kissay! 😀

  3. shaggy kidddddddddddddddddddd 😀 every one speak that louddd 🙂 nd dun wry u give take test or not..u vl get gud numbers IA :)..doodh piyo jaan bnayo 🙂

  4. MashAllah! :/ aap kis khushi main tests skip karti rahee hain? :s can’t approve that, sorry. Despite how much I like that randomness and the quotation image u uploaded but u gotta be serious shags :-s

  5. agya koi dant wala comment!!

    shukkkkkkarr! (:
    to be very honest, the first three tests, i skipped them coz had to go somewhere =\
    then the other three i skipped intentionally, coz of the fear of getting failed.
    then i gave them!
    n i passed =\
    but not that achay numbers se!

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