Blessed with an angel ~

The moments were reckless, time wasn’t running out..
The wait was endless, I could barely think about,
anything at all, but there was one thing in mind..
The sacred tie in which we are bind.

Her voice so pure,was the food of my soul.
She was a part of me, and she makes me whole.
But the last words I heard, were here aching screams.
The pain was throbbing, but strong she seemed.

Each second seemed like years, she was a few feet away
from the love of her life, in a different world, they say.
I could still feel her heart, beat the same pace as mine.
With every breath I prayed, for my angels to be fine.

The clock ticked out loud, silent was my world.
Clenched were my wrists, sleeves were furled.
Eyes fixed on a door, waiting for it to gap.
Waiting for a news, that could heal up this wreck.

After a few minutes, there was a sudden rush inside,
my being wasn’t content, something wasn’t right.
My eye drenched in tear, as I murmured a final prayer,
closed were my eyes. I heard footsteps come near.

With a bleak and black look, with tons of hope along,
I got my head up, and heard a divine song.
The cry of a baby. It brought me back to life.
Bliss overcome my fears, I had to see my wife.

Those footsteps grew near, and louder got my beat.
The nurse came to me, I got up on my feet.
A smiling face welcomed, and read the questions on my face.
‘All well, go meet her. She would want you to embrace. ’

No count of my happiness was to be found,
The thirst of my ears depended on that sound.
‘A gem more precious, than a diamond or a pearl,
God has blessed you with an angel , a beautiful girl.’

The words echoed, it was the best news ever.
This moment of my life, I will forget never.
I felt like regretting those moments I had cried,
Coz this was what followed after a tunnel, dark n wide.

I was guided through  the maze, to a room so calm,
the first face I saw, hadn’t lost its charm.
She looked pale and frail, with a lil messed up hair,
I gazed in her eyes, with much love, much care.

She smiled at my sight, and with glistening eyes,
tilted to the left, with a look so wise.
And there lay the sweetest creature of the earth,
who was breathing a new life, after its birth.

I felt so awed, no words can ever explain,
as I bent a little forward, and touched her with my hand.
A little hesitantly, I held her close to me.
and caressed her cheeks, she’s everything for me!

I played with her fingers, so frail and fragile.
and looked at my wife, with a thanking smile.
I came to her bed, and sat by her side.
We held her together, gave her a gentle swingy ride.

We were two in the past, but now, we have her.
With no doubts I can say, she’s a perfect daughter.
I looked in the eyes of my wife lovingly.
‘I’ll love you forever, together we’ll be.’


17 thoughts on “Blessed with an angel ~

  1. I don’t have words to praise what you wrote up here. But I am pretty sure about the feeling that you be having. The DIVINE Happiest feeling of the whole universe.
    I would share what I want actually. I would name her ‘Faryal’ which means Angel and would call her Fairy. I wish for the day that I would go in my car to her school to pick her up from there and we both go to some seaside and talk with each other for a long time 🙂
    I always think of a daughter as ALLAH’s most precious gift for a Family.

  2. woh aye blog per apne khuda ki qudrat
    kabhi hum un k blog ko aur kabhi is post ko dekhte hain 🙂

    gud to c u back with a long long poem :)..hope all is well ur side..hope bacha is parhing nd likhing hard these days 🙂

  3. Good job ! It was the best read …..
    I remembered two days ago, the event was same when I looked at the moon like face of my baby cousin , he is so cute …………
    Daughters or son , new lives they make so many face smile , how magical it is when so many souls are connected together with little baby’s smile ….
    The feelings are eternal and true !
    A thumbs up for this one


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