love · my poems

Dreaming i am..

Im ordinary
im extraordinary

Im weaving dreams,
im writing my story.

Im just an actor,
the author is HE.
I wish. Really hard,
He knows what I need!

I’ve cried out buckets,
I’ve broken much trust.
I’ve been right, and wrong.
but now? I must.

I must chose whats good,
for you, n for me.
A lock- I’ve found,
Im searching for the key.

I’ve hold my pen,
after so long, today..
I feel something good,
is coming my way.

If you see it my way,
if you stand in my shoes,
this moment, I bet,
you wouldn’t wanna lose!!

With eyes wide open,
im weaving some dremas.

My soul is smiling,
my heart? It screams (:

And no, not in fear,
nor in anger or in pain.
it has started loving rain.
its being a bit insane.

I don’t know this feeling,
does it even have a name?

I just know its here,
from where it came..

i have no clue.
n I aint going blue.

coz I am one of the few,
who …. (:

If it’s a dream, let me sleep.If it’s reality. well.. then..!



41 thoughts on “Dreaming i am..

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr. Tum ne itna accha likha hai k I don’t want to give any understatement. Itna simple but itna beautiful. Girl!!!!! Lurvvvvvvvvvvv it 😀

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