Things my teacher didn’t teach me, life did.

  1. Trust is the strongest, yet the weakest foundation of a relationship.

  2. You can only prevent yourself from doing repeating a mistake. You can never correct, or erase them.

  3. An error made in the bygone days will always remain as a stain on your existence. Always.

  4. Hope is just consoling yourself, expecting a little more.
    they say expectations hurt. I say, hope does too.

  5. You were sent to this world all alone. You’ll leave alone too.

  6. The moment you create distances between you and your Creator, you involuntarily be a part of the world. The world is evil.

  7. Anything once broken can not be brought back to its initial state.
    The cracks remain.

  8. Being selfish is cruel wise.
  9. Things change. People change. Everything changes. Yet no one is to be blamed.

  10. Never make a promise unless you are dead sure to fulfill it. Just never make one.

  11. People will never treat you well. after all, they are people.

  12. The best part of life is not when friends treat you as family and family becomes a friend.
    Its when family remains a family, friend stays a friend- truly, by your side.

  13. The tears of adolescence are wayyyy better than tears of teenage.

  14. Being honest and practical is often confused as being pessimistic.

  15. Living for others is the most foolish thing ever.
    Yet it yields true happiness, which is rare.

  16. Fake friends are just the sweetest people who shower you with the bitterest betrayals.

  17. Though it is YOUR own life, but you can not overlook the people in it.

  18. Crying is a symbol of life. Laughter indicates you’re mad.

  19. …. Still its okay to prefer a smile over a tear.

  20. Don’t be bad to people. What goes around comes around.
  21. Staying quiet is not a solution to many problems. Saying NO is.
  22. Everyone is strong. That’s why we are surviving.


33 thoughts on “Things my teacher didn’t teach me, life did.

  1. Awwww… U remind me of my long time ago dream. Guess that, after I had read “The Godfather” novel, I dreamed to be the…leader of gangster!!!!
    Thanks for reminding of that “wonderful” dream, lol

  2. Masha’ALLAH … Bacha came up with bunch of advises on whom Uncle agreed also 🙂
    These things cannot be taught by any teacher, person or book being we actually learned them through experience …
    1 advice to you is to try to follow the prophecy rules for living life 🙂 then only you can live the life with calmness 🙂

  3. And I am agreed with all the things of you…
    I liked this post.

    Nice photos. nice presentation.
    thanks for this sweet post.
    Live really teaches us many things… time to time… with experiences…

  4. I didn’t know that Gurya is so wise…. and I know it’s not just a post but the words are coming out of your heart…

    Believe me if you will learn them today, you wouldn’t have to wait to be learnt brutally by this world.

    These is not just my advice but I mean it…. 🙂


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