where the people weep, and the leaders sleep..

Okay so it’s umm.. INDEPENDENCE DAY!!


ok, i am so not hyper about it.

63 years of our creation. And where do we stand now?

‘on the floor!!’ – that’s what a tafreeh teen would say.

Okay, i am so blank. I must be happy. Or sad, or criticizing our Mashallah politicians, or criticizing myself (ok thats easy) or doing something atleast!!!

But NO (:

I am still figuring out why am i so dead today.

Read many posts today, some were really motivating, calling the nation to be united, some were a bunch of witty and sarcastic statements, some were just plain n humorous.. and this one? Call this.. zabardasti ki post? lol, i dont know.

Anyhow, i remember how the patriot in me is dying each day.Yesterday, i went to college to attend the independence day celebrations along with the juniors and the teachers. Though i dint look bored ( coz i was talking to a friend all the time ) BUT i couldnt feel the pakistaniat at all, neithr in me, nor in the words of the students who were singing national songs or debating aloud.

Now as a blogger, i feel it as a responsibility (a major one) to say something atleast.

I know I love my country, for I know I’ll realize it’s worth when I’ll be miles away.

But NOW,

I am wearing a green dress.

I painted a Pakistani flag on my hand.

I heard the national anthem.

But I dint feel anything.

What made my emotions revive, was this.

Saw this mother? How well is she struggling to save her kids. A lady, weak and feeble she seems, but when it comes to save the children, she’s giving her best. Moving on, against the waves just with a hope of finding a shore where hope and life awaits them, she moves on.

We call Pakistan our motherland, dont we?

How many times have we thought our mother has saved us? From sooooo many calamities, so many crises..

Now our mother is in pain.

We are dead. We are destructed. We have lessened in number. We have lost everything. We have sailed away and drowned in the harsh and angry floods. We have been under a million corrupt politicians.


We are struggling. We are surviving.

And we will, someday soon, make a difference. A positive one. (:

We are left with no hopes with him,

Mr. Z, i so so hate you.

What we need to do, is anything that we can. No matter how small, no matter how big.

We gotta do something, our mother needs us.


wishing you, not a HAPPY independence day,

but..umm.. a


PS. Found this while digging through my pictures, i really miss you Mr. Jinnah. So does Pakistan.


43 thoughts on “where the people weep, and the leaders sleep..

  1. Really nice post shows how deeply you feels about your motherland, though frustration is all around because of the corrupted leadership but hopes should remain alive being we are not dead yet Insha’ALLAH WE as a nation will brought the change which Pakistan really needs and take it to the heights Quaid-e-Azam’s & Allama Iqbal in particular dreamed of 🙂

  2. I’m glad that how you felt sad about not feeling anything for your country and how it was eating you up inside. Sometimes we have to keep the spirit alive inside us. Nice share

    Best to you and yours

  3. Nice post…. I dont feel myslef patriotic enough now to say anything….. “Zipped mouth”

    is there anything strange that i am no more patriotic or i dont feel so…….. i am confused..

  4. Well, if you realize your responsibilities, then feeling bored while people sing national songs is .. OKAY 😀

    The main thing is helping out the nation as well as we can… as much as we can… as soon as we can… and to the best of our abilities. If we do that, we love the nation and are loyal to it.

    Unlike some globe-trotting monkeys I can mention around here.. *scowl*

    1. oye whats so lovely in it? 😛 Anywho, thanks (:
      aey to hai, something must be done! Its the little steps that will help us make our way to our destination..

      lol i know that 😉

  5. Hmmmmmm you know how to say what’s in your heart, girl. Here you did a great work! Hmmmm Allah have mercy upon Pakistan N its people as well as all of us! [Ameen-sum-Ameen]

  6. I so agree with u.. this year independence day wasnt as enthusiastic as it has been earlier…
    And here in dubai everyone is urging ppl to help in making donations… but it kinda sad to see ppl r lacking that madness to help the ppl who r suffering every minute.. May b its all thanks to our disgusted and corrupted politicians and government..
    People have lost their confidence regarding their efforts reaching to the true needy ppl..Sigh
    May Allah put an to end this hard time faced by the innocent nation of our country on behalf of corrupt people…

  7. it is a terrible disaster that you are facing. i sincerely hope that the flood is over and no further damage is unleashed.
    god bless you and your nation.

  8. this is the third time I have come to this post. lastly decided to write something… previously, I didn’t find words to say.. cause the post touched me a lot. We are sufferer too!

    I am in a country where I am feeling thousands of problems around, the great politicians can easily ignore all those things..

    Wish one day, the humanity will win.. we will find smiles in the innocent faces all around the globe, as well as in our sub-continent.

    Just prayers… from the depth of heart…

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