dont you just feel like dying at times?

I never used to, now i do.


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  1. This only means you’re growing up. Nothing else. These things shall pass, just hold on there. Thank you Shagufta for your visit to my blog and your appraisal. I’d planned to visit your space but was away from WP for quite some time. Nice to meet a similar-minded fellow blogger 🙂

  2. You know we all have moments in our life when we feel despair.. but what we have to keep reminding ourselves is that everything passes. Just as you keep standing tall even the strongest wave won’t be able to pull you down.

    Take care! *hugs*

  3. dats not a gud thing to thnink like dat..:S..we should be so positive that we don’t have this feeling..i really wonder y u having such feeling..:S..not gud thing kid..

      1. SSK..stupid shaggy kid :)..dun think like that nd be positive..long way to go in life..if u lose hope, u ll miss all the happiness nd success waiting for u :)..nd if u can analyze urself, how can u be a fool stay cool nd move on..

      2. i heard of SRK before, SSK is cool 😛

        professor sahb, you’re right.. but i guess its okay to be hopeless at times, atleast when you get back up, you realise the value of having hope in your life.. what say?
        and i declared myself a fool after a deeetailedd analysis. 😦

      3. @shaggy kid : chalo hopeless for little time chale zaida deir k lye nhi :)…okkkk..nd no fool shool..ur analysis is wrong 🙂

        @CU: dun knw wats the prb :S..i got ur few comments recently though..
        @rida: dun knw whyyyyyyy….have no idea :S..

      1. karna kya hai.. lets get together and play havoc on somebody ha ha haah … I would go out and get drunk or something ..

        or go for a long drive just keep going ..

        what do you plan

        (sorry my reply is late)

  4. There are times – yeah, when a person is on the lowest of all lows.. but the point is, that wishing oneself to be dead doesn’t HELP.

    Cuz we have no influence on certain things in our life…our births, deaths, shakals, other fate-related things wegaira. So isn’t it a waste of time thinking stuff that’s not going to affect even a nanoparticle in our lives?

    One thing more… (seriously).. this thought may come, but the best course of action is to firmly put it away. If we dwell on it… its surely a sign of ungratefulness and not at all a source of Allah’s Pleasure.. :S

    Sorry for long comment.

  5. start eating properly, exercise and indulging yourself more in some constructive work will make you feel like you want to live again n again, oh yeah do i need to remind you cry a river, build a bridge and get over it 🙂

      1. it will never go until n unless there would be sumone who make u to feel lyk that u r precious then anything in this world

  6. death is natural – dying is optional, we chose our lives to where it leads – if it is dying while living that too is our personal preference and it is entirely wrong!

  7. I agree… u dont need BIG reasons to get this feeling “Y am i alive??? why i was treated like that??? I wish i die..may b then my importance would be realised ” bla bla…
    And what i do is obviously like most ppl say larkiyon ka Hathyaar 😛 crying…
    And when all my frustration is giving out in form of tears… i think how can b soo NA SHUKRI??? 😀
    Allah has blessed me with a life… i have friends who try to cheer me up when they see me low… My family who never forget wishing me on my birthday??? who are always there to meet up my necessities…
    Oh yes they are all sent by Allah for me….
    Y should i wish to die???I will die one day… everyone will but until that day i should thank Allah for everything 🙂
    May Allah give us the strength to actually come up to the level where He wants us to see…
    Always be happy 😀

  8. I second the above comment (:
    stand in front of mirror and make funny faces, that’s what I do. It helps when u laugh at urself . lol =P

  9. See, we all have those times, when you’re really really down and dont want to do anything but.. die.. and not see anyone’s face or live life again. Magar we have to realize that life itself is a VERY precious gift from Allah, and that whatever happens, whether bad, good or worse, is always for our best. It’s all a test, for which we have to account to via our patience. That’s all. I know this may sound easier said than done, but it’s the blatant truth 😉

    Hope you’re feeling better now. Cheer up. Even if you’re depressed, thinking happy does make things better. Trust me on this one, I’ve tried it a gazillion times myself, and it has never failed me. 🙂

  10. You know what? There r times in life when we feel like this… but the best thing to fight is by trying to break into a completely new personality. Become someone, that you aren’t, and probably someone that you have always aspired to be. Be a new you for a change, and keep a secret name for your ownself that you don’t need to tell anyone. =)

    Its very difficult, but it helps if you can pull it off.

    1. and that sounds pretty interesting! Thanks a bunch for this advice (:
      I usually try the stuff you mentioned above, but the secret name thingy seeks my attention.. *thinking of a secret name*

  11. This morning, I have suddenly received this message “You won £ 500,000.00GBP Ref: TM473AVP :” from T-Mobile Award ©” …

    And after spending some hours on enjoying with a treasure dropping from the heaven, I realize that they… cheat me!!!!
    Now, i really wanna die!
    So, pls…pls count me to ur companion!
    Oh, my money, where are you?!

      1. =) Insan ban jao warna kisi din pitai ho jaye gee ziada wali.
        I just love you for what you said abt your wish =) Khush raho! Hansti khelti achi lagti ho!

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