had a bad day?

So,yeah, at then end of the day, its all okay.. Every misery is a road to something valueable n precious in life.

Aint it?

think about it.

Come on now,




49 thoughts on “had a bad day?

  1. Thanks 🙂 That was so nice of you. I really had had a bad day :D…

    But now feel a taaaaaaadd bit better. Cheers!

    1. true tht is, its just that we need to realise the solution to every problem is there, if not within us, then at least we have the power to find it somehow.. thanks for sharing that! (=

      n hey, just checked it out!
      I feel honored!!

    1. im SO sorry for not noticing this comment n replying late.. Apologies for tht 😦

      I dont find anythng worthwhile too, but hey, you are living a LIFE. aint that the most precious thing?


    Thanks for this one I really ahd a very very bad day today .. learnt about some very bad things .. A relative passed away, my mum needs a pacemaker and a few more things as they say problems come in threesss… and hence the article on my blog i was remembering the nostalgic days and came to your blog and this is the firt one i read WOWOWWO

    I must say THANK YOU

    1. Cheeeeesssee Bikram!

      uh oh, Im sorry at the loss. 😦
      :O hey, dont worry much about aunty, we all will pray for her (: Miracles happen,dont they? Abse my special prayers for her..
      N HEYYYY, WHERE IS YOUR BLOG?! 😐 it aint opening! =/

      no wait, i must say thank YOU, i feel better realizing the fact that i was going against my own i can feel the little ray of optimism rising in me..

    1. aww thanks a bunch Ji! Sorry i have been a little busy lately so couldn’t be an active participant this week.. Still these awards mean a lot to me!
      Thank you for not forgetting!!

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