Maa,you are missed.

14 July, 2007.

A day I wish would’ve never come in our lives.

14 July, 2010.

Maa’s 3rd death anniversary.

Time has passed really fast,
yet time has stood still.
Pain of your farewell is just so deep,
cant be cured by any pill.

I lost you & now you’re far away,
so far where I cant come.
You might be there in a state of peace,
but I,with grief, am numb.

You had such an early departure,
did i prove to be such a bad daughter?
Please come back, Maa, coz I promise,
to you, I’ll never bother.

I’ll not even bother api and dad,
I’ll have my meals on time.
But why did you just go away,
Can I know what was my crime?

If you think I’ve turned into a grown up,
then you’re certainly wrong.
Cant you see in my wet and teary eyes?
they’re waiting for you since so long!

If you look at me, you’ll soon find out
beneath my smile are hidden tears.
So you can spot how fate broke me,
by taking the ones I held dear.

What if our lads have forgotten us,
and what if nobody still cares?
I’ll stand on my own, will let life know,
that I’ll face it whatever it dares.

And though your death has shattered me,
and my soul has a wound unhealed,
but i am your blood, I’ll fight till the end,
and victory will be my yield!

So now, dont you think, that Im all alone
coz your prayers are still with me
and still you stay by my side,
brave and strong- I’ll be!

Your hopes for me, are now my aims,
and I promise I wont let you down.
and one fine day the world to you,
as ‘The Best Mother Ever’ will crown!


84 thoughts on “Maa,you are missed.

  1. Oh my darling, I wiped a tear reading this. I am so sorry for your pain. I can only say that I know she’s looking down, so very proud…for you are an angel…the way you write from your heart. I send you much love and hugs. Always ~ Amanda x

  2. I can understand ur feelings. Nobody in the world can replace her place in ur life. I m sure u will never let ur mom down and will fulfill all her dreams.

    Take Care.

  3. My cutie pie don be sad I m sure ur mom is proud for being mother of such a lovely person like u. U r a real sweet heart dear.

  4. I wish I could help u to overcome this crisis. But I know very well nobody can help u out for this. Still I would like to wipe ur tears and try to make u laugh as a friend at least can try a bit.

  5. Don’t break ur heart my child. Im sure she didnt want to leave u guys so soon. It’s just that Allah Mian has things planned for us differently then as we ASSUME!.
    But now HE is the One taking care of all the ups and downs in ur life, though HE has His soldier back in His paradise, but He Himself will fight all your battles. InshAllah πŸ™‚

  6. when ever i read ur this poem tears automatically tears come in my eyes
    yar dun be sad if u will be sad ur mother didnot going to like this so plzzzzzzzzz
    dun worry she is always with you and is always happy 4 u

  7. dun be sad shaggy kid..ur mother is inshallah in much better place and seeing her lil kid too :)..juz pray for her. may her soul rest in peace.ameen..loved ur poem..nd inshallah u ll do what u wrote in last stanza…

  8. This heart-touching post of yours leaves me speechless, surely the ALLAH’s biggest blessings are not with you in physical form but I’m sure she stills living in your heart and will remain there to help you to come out of all obstacles & problems you may face in your life (May ALLAH forbid) …
    May ALLAH Keeps Her Under HIS Blessings, Rise Her Among The Good-Ones on Judgment Day and Grant Her Place in Janat-ul-Firdous Accompanied By Family & Friends Along With HIS Prophet (SallALLAH-o-Alaih-e-WaSalam) – (Ameen-Sum-Ameen)

  9. Its so so warmly written by the most most most loving and effectionate daughter of this universe… I am sure if it would be possible to bring back someone from heaven, Allah would have departed your Maa first from the heaven for you…. πŸ™‚

    I think i can feel the tears behind Laugh out loud Smile and tiny sparkles hidden in the shine of eyes of little doll….

  10. Ohh.This poem revealed me that your mom is no more in this world.:( I understand what a great and irreplaceable loss it is. But I hope you’re a brave girl and you’ll go through it inshAllah.
    May Allah bless her soul in the best of ranks.Ameen!

  11. GOd shagufta that was really awesome and I am literally nearly crying 😦 deep thoughts i like no i love it !!!!!! my prayers for you

  12. Always stay happy girl… And always keep on praying for your mum and her eternal peace..
    Though she is not infront of u physically… but she can feel every emotion u go through…. if u stay happy she’ll b at peace and if u’ll b gloomy she wont b happy either… Just b the best daughter like u mentioned in ur poem and make ur mum proud as she is always up there to guide u πŸ™‚
    Allah Ta’ala aapki ammi ko buland darjey aata karey…!!! Ameen…

  13. My eyes welled up while reading this. Beautifully written. Poignant and melancholy. Take care Shagufta. Be strong. May Allah and his blessings be with you.

  14. i do not know why to say as i have no words to write. this poetry has just made me cry and realized me that how important are the people around me that i call parents.

  15. One of my twitter buddies referred this to me… and I am absolutely touched. Thanks for making a lot of us realize the importance of what we have been ignoring in the rat-race of this world.

  16. Just be the brave and strong daughter like you mentioned in your poem and make your mum proud as she is always there to guide you….. May Allah Bless you and your family and may her soul rest in peace.*ameen*

  17. Speechless. I wont use the words good, awesome, superb for this one. This post deserves a huge applause! Mothers are special. And writing this one, you just proved again that mothers ARE special!

  18. Speechless, heart touching. Tears falling down. But hey do remember your mother is in a better place now. Heaven is any day better than this cruel world. Have faith she is up there watching her daughter with shining eyes.

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