Jao jaa k kitchen saaf karo! :D

I guess ab tak tou everyone knows about me being Ms.Generous and refusing to accept my haq halal ki salary!

I was whining about it, A LOT. But I guess an hour later I realised that losing this much money was absolutely okay, coz in return, IΒ spent the crazzziest times with Api (something I rarely do) lol, just a few priceless moments, just a few bombs of laughter, and yes, that crazy incident made my day! πŸ˜€

How? Here you go!

(After the moment that lady left , leaving me in a state of complete shock
and disappointment at my weird and extra-nice behaviour)

Me( stepping towards the kitchen ) : ” Api, can you believe what I just did?! “

Api (straight into my eye) : “Yes beta.. I can believe everything stupid you do”

[ Bezzti ]

(Me, standing in Api’s room, near her bed , with an innocent sad look)

Me: ” Bas api, aj se aap meri pyari behna aurΒ papa mere abba huzoor. Aaj se main aap dono ki har aagya ka paalan karungi, kisi feslay ka virudh nahi karungi, aaj se apka har fesla mere liye atal hai.”

Api: Tou itni hindi kyun jhaar rahi ho? Urdu nahi ati?

[ Bezti ]


(Me , sitting on the sofa with this latka hua mu,watching tv)

Api: ” Yaar ja k kitchen saaf kardo, I m so tired!”

Me: ” Cant you see i’m all dressed in black and white mourning for my khoon paseenay ki kamayi?” =p

Api: “ahan, bachay i can see sunshine springing within you! Drame baazi baad mei, kitchen saf krlo”

Me: *sigh* ” I’m sad.. mere paisay.. mai kangli hun.. “Β 

(Api nods and leaves the room)

[ Bezti ]


(Me and api, lying on the bed.. I’ve my headphones in, and she’s reading checking her mails..After a while..)

Api: *hits me hard with a pillow*

Me : [ O_O ]

Api: *hits again* “i’m having a singular pillow fight with you!” *hits again*

Me: *smiling the weirdest laugh =p* (lol, it cant be described any better )
“But my pillow is committed! Can i still join?”

Api: “huh?”

Me: *thinking* Api said singular! Not SINGLE! I’m so sloW! :S

Api: *hits again*

this time, the pillow hit my right ear pushing the headphone a bit more inwards..and OUCH that DID hurt!

Me: *moaning*

Api: ” you okay? I’m sorry..”

Me: (being the revolutionary miss-i-will-be-good-to-api)
“Oh yes, carry on with the one sided pillow fight”

Api: *hits AGAIN!!*

” Tum itni complesant kabse hogai?”

Me: “Aaj se, bass tumharay liye!! πŸ˜‰ “



(Me lying at api’s bed.. n this time, REALLY sad)

Me: ” Kia yar api, stop taunting me. Ab hogya tou hogaya na.. N no, i’m not crying *teary eyes*
i’m not sad.. *trembling voice*
n i’m not a stupid either (LIAR!) “

Api: *LOL* “shakal dekh lo pehle”

Me: ” No seriously, See i just got this message, Hazrat Ali (AS) said,

Β Jab tak tumhein yaqeen na hojaye k Allah ka khazana khatam hogaya hai,tab tak tum apni rozi k liye gumgeen na ho!

Api: “tum mei aqal kab ayi??”


Api: *mischevious look in her eyes* wese… Allah ne to rizq bheja tha.. tum ne khud he tata bye bye kardia!”

Me: “aaaapiiii… mai ro dungi ab! I just cant get it out of my mind!”

Api: ” Oh my poor baby, i have a perfect solution”

Me (full of hope) : “???”






36 thoughts on “Jao jaa k kitchen saaf karo! :D

  1. RoFLoL … πŸ˜€ … So funny with showing deep love between the sisters one can feels in it. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing the Quote of Hazrat Ali (KaramALLAH-o-Wajho), really good piece of advice one can have but agreed with your Appi also sometime we ourselves made bad decisions … πŸ™‚
    Keep the hope alive and act upon Appi’s perfect solution, “Jao, Ja K Kitchen Saaf Karo!” … πŸ˜€

    1. Did somebody just say ‘love’ b/w sisters?! πŸ˜€
      lol,np πŸ™‚
      in my case, ‘sometimes’ kehna is an understatement πŸ˜‰

      Lol, karliaaaaa…
      😦 :p

  2. LOL..nd i agree with ur api too.i can believe everything stupid u do :p..nd cmo’n naiki kar darya mein daal..abhi tu tum ne aunty ki poori fam ko parhana hai wh bhi free mein..:p

    1. Hayloo Birthday Boy!
      why is everyone dil khol k beztiofying me?? :S

      hahahhahhah πŸ˜€ han han unki behnon k bachon k liye bhi hum hain na! Khidmat e khalq foundation πŸ˜›

  3. So cute post Shagufta.

    To be very honest before reading this post I thought oh god kitna bara post pata nahi kya hoga ab parho baithke. But believe me after reading this I really enjoyed each and evry line.

    I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I came to ur blog from Sandra’s blog. So sweet and cute post. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading each & every line.

    LOLL. aww poor u. its ok. kabhi kabhi hota hai. is api ur older sis? we call our older sis appa =D
    did u end up cleaning the kitchen? lol
    too much bezzati for 1 day! haha

    1. haye exactly! Poor me! πŸ˜€
      yes she is, i do call her apa at times, but api has grown on me! :/

      Lol what do u expect? πŸ˜‰ haha, yes i did! πŸ˜€
      SERIOUSLY! that was too much πŸ˜›

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