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…and she left…

*deep sigh*

okay, my bff left for Iran today, jeez


she’ll be back after a month, BUT it’ll be her birthday on the 11th! and she wont be here! I had planned SO much for this birthday of hers, but she’ll be miles away..and the only way i could wish her would be a birthday call. thats it. Ouch, i wish she enjoys a lot as she was really excited..but im feeling so.. alone?

I know i might be a bit selfish,but i do feel alone. Every other friend is leaving, oh,btw, it reminded me k tomorrow is another blogger friend’s birthday! I must not sleep at 12 😀 So where was I? O yes, i went at S(my bff)’s place on monday, to pay a last visit.. *sniff sniff* had ALOT of fun! and got a bit sentimental too. (as always)

n guess what! She FINALLLLLYYY gave me my bday present! 😀

how’s it? i loved the blue beaded bracelet, the pendant is a bit funky, and weighed a lot, but when i wore it,it looked perfect!!! And how are the cards? 😉 i gave them 😀 there wasnt enough space ‘in’ them, so i even utilised the envelope! (mayana rawi,u know)

ooohh waitttt!!


remember that grade I kid i was giving tuitions to? Yes, that super annoying kiddo! Today his mom came with 500 bucks, as my first salary (not exactly first, but after a long long time, i got paid for something) . Okay I am quite a good girl when it comes to dealing with aunties , and hence, when this beloved aunty of mine, his mother, gave me the fees, I smiled and took a step back and said

” Nahi nahi bhabhi, mera chota bhai hai.”

Dude, what on earth was I thinking at that moment?!

and guess what served as a cherry on the cake?

His mom plainly agreed, took the money back, and left.

kia zamana agaya hai.


26 thoughts on “…and she left…

  1. We surely miss our friends especially which are pretty much close to us, hope she’ll be soon with you again(Insha’ALLAH).
    While going thought your post and even after that I’m still smiling 🙂 really good one 🙂
    Next time Khatam Tai Sahab Se Panga Nahi Lene Ka 😀 Warna Phir Complain Karti Rahengi “Kya Zamana Aa Gaya Hai” 😛

    1. Aaaameeen!!

      hahahahha 😀 i seriously had a hatim bhai ki rooh in me that time! 😀 n the moment that lady went away, i was..
      hatim chacha! Apne issi time mere andar apni sakhawat ka bhoot chorna tha? :S

      1. Lo Jee this isn’t fair, Apni Ghalti Ko Khatim Tai Pe Na Dalen … 😛
        I’d been in the same situation in past when I was teaching my young cousins and refuse to get paid for it by saying the same dialogue, “Aunti Apnay Bhaiyoun Ki Help Karne K Mein Paisay Longa, Aisa Sochiye B Na” :-S
        Amma Ne Meri Class Kar Di Tab 😦 K Rizq Ko Na Nahi Karte 🙂

  2. gosh…girls and their sighs nd tears..:S aa jaye gi yaar wh wapis, sirf one month ki baat hai..:p nd well, wh aunty apne aur bachn ko bhi bhaij di gi ab..she got a free merciful tutor now..:)

    1. Gosh.. boys and their confusing personalities 😛
      i know! but this ‘one month’ has SO many important dates!

      Nahiiiieeeee!! *punjabi-movie-style* 😀
      BTW she did ask about tutoring the other son! :S :S :S :S :S

  3. aap kitna dil se parhati hai wo to jb result aegi tb pata chalay ga……
    wese ziyada khidmat-e-khaliq b acchi nhe aunty ko mana nhe krti..

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