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Another award..Another poem! :)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May i now call upon stage Ms.Jingle ,  the founder of the Thursday poets rally,  to present the perfect poet award for week 24. Please welcome this amazing personality, who has proved to be an angel for the poets around the blogosphere, with a big round of applause.


*Jingle steps onto the stage grinning*

“And the perfect poet award goes to..


Shagufta Abbas! 😀 😀 😀


Tadaa! lol, this is how you make me enter a world of fantasy and relive a moment of joy every time you bestow me with an award, Ji.. =]

The way you encourage amateur poets and provide them with a platform where their words can rephrase themselves and reshape into beautiful poems is a job well done! the way you bridge the gap between the poets around the globe is commendable. Hats off to you Ji! (:

I’m really glad to have this lovely award as a part of my tales of triumph, and according to the rules, I nominate

Emmanuel as a perfect poet! And thanks to all other rally participants for your uplifting comments. They mean a world to me. =)

and yes, here’s my another poem..

Beneath the dark sky, under the full moon,
her words struggled, to get outta this cocoon.

All unexpressed feelings were paving their way,
they had a perfect chance, to have their say.

Laying back in her chair, she took a big sigh,
“Shall I pen it down?” she felt a bit shy.

“No, I need to. I need to get it out”
her thoughts were going deep, yet silently loud.

She gathered her nerves and grabbed her pen,
her words started to rhyme, she knew she can.

She scribbled for while, and after some time;
the page wasn’t blank, it was a rythym divine.


26 thoughts on “Another award..Another poem! :)

  1. Niceeeeeee 😀

    And I love the end wali poem. How beautifully you put the words ‘rhythm divine’ in there 🙂 Masha Allah. Send all of these to the British Council, get them published IA. And we’re going to be even more proud of you IA.

    Best of luck :):)

    1. Yep they sure do 😛 Ive seen mediocre stuff published as book of poems.. But I think yours would be quality stuff IA. Do give it a try!

  2. congrats shaggy kid..another award comes ur way and no treat..and about the poem, sach keh dn ya keh dn k achi hai :p…kidding..nice poem..well written nd guess it describes u well 🙂

  3. letting you know that I am checking on your nomination….

    if you wish to attend Rally week 25, please let me know your entry,
    Happy Friday!

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