You make me shatter in a second.

No matter how hard i try to please you, it ALWAYS ends up in a mess.

I am not like this, Api. It’s just that .. things go wrong everytime.

You make me lose all my optimism and turn me into a cry baby.

I guess tonight I’ll sleep with a wet pillow.

thank you my bloggy, atleast you dont disappoint me. I love you.


45 thoughts on “*tears*

  1. oh shaggy kid..dun be sad yaar..nd no tears..thats not the shaggy kid we know :)..dun wry, misunderstandings hoti hain..all vl be tears..

  2. I can SO identify with this :S :$. Even though I’m wayyyyy beyond 17. That’s so shameful (so chin up kid!).

    Umm.. its cliched to say ‘things will be better soon’ and it doesn’t help when one’s heart feels close to bursting and the only thing that can relieve it a good amount of tears and er, 12 hours to pass by…

    I wish those 12 hours (I dunno, this is just my forgetting-and-moving-on-time) pass by quickly for you! Ameen!

    PS: That mom post rocked! (and i just had an argument with mum today πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ :$:$:$)… so kid, that served as a reminder. Good going!

    1. waaayyyyy beyond.. umhm.. 71?

      i’m waking up the little miss-positive in me, hope it wakes up soon and gets back to work.. Thanks for the support, i am greatly moved.. =’)

      ps. it did? ^_^
      hawww that aint good! 😦 argument resolved? please don’t say no..!!

      1. 71? πŸ˜› No.. not really πŸ˜€

        Um, our arguments get resolved pretty soon yeah. There ain’t no concept of being naraaz from each other etc etc (not talking etc etc). Bus. the guilt is there nee.

        So is ur issue resolved? With sis?

      2. not Really? πŸ˜‰ ummm then lets keep it a secret.. I’ll guess it someday! πŸ˜€

        shukkkkar! Such jhagras are acceptable, and if the guilt is there, that shows k the heart aint dead yet! (:

        YESHHHHH!! ^_^ it was a raat gayi baat gayi thingy.. but im so amazed!!

  3. Hey hey hey…. look here… Awwww my lovely pie has tears in eyes…. “Kya ho gaya bacha, na na gurya aisey nahi rotey” and waisey bhi you are MUM’s sab se Pala bacha….
    Come here…give me a tight hug….Awww…now extend your lips to North and south…here comes back the sweet smile of my dolly… πŸ™‚

    “Kya ho gaya, argue to hota hai na sis and bro k sath….bas itni c baat and itney barey barey ANSOO…. Gurya Ansoo hamey kamzor karty hain, so never cry bacha…”
    Your smile worths more… πŸ™‚ Theek hai na πŸ™‚

      1. hey gurya….
        there is no WIN and LOSE in relations….your sis scolded you, its ok Sweety…little arguements happen among siblings….its a piece of cake Janu bacha…Smile little girl… πŸ™‚

  4. dont worry baby….there are times when big sisters and lil sisters fight….everyone have misunderstandings in their relationships…. I have an Appi too and dont ask how much we fight… but still we love each other in bits n pieces πŸ˜€

  5. goofy what happened
    apnae mjhe sai kch promise kya tha ???????? yad hai
    n yar dun be sad u wont luk gud n if u will be sad we will be sad to:( so be happy dun take tension sumtimes it happens so in my friends word
    thand pao lassi pyo chill maro yar :p so now bari wali dant wali smile plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. I wish words could dry tears
    I would have sent you the perfect words

    I wish showing sympathy can transfer the pain
    I would have love to bear some for you

    I wish you didn’t have to get hurt
    then you wouldnt have had a wet pillow

    but my wishes can’t come true
    because there is no genie around

    So I write this little piece
    from my heart to you

    that you wipe your tears
    and go back being you

    the you that write those cute poems
    and make the blog world wonder in the marvel of your poetry.

    Stay well my little Friend.

  7. Hey… u knw this is so common among siblings… I am the only daughter and the youngest child… and my eldest brother always teases me with stuff he knows i get irritated of… At times i get really angry and do cry… but then the next moment… its all back to norms… hehe.. i guess this is how the love is among siblings…
    Cheers… πŸ˜€

  8. really………. i will ask her what went wrong and she may call u up!!
    u know with things going around her (also sometimes with me) you are the only person she can confide in and take out her frustration… though in a different way!!!
    but i will definitely try to settle it out
    u can call me up if needed!
    Trust me … she loves you a lot.. yaar whenever we go shopping Ali comes first, you second and the ourselves… so cheer up!!

    1. no no noooo.. Bhai this wasn’t about your wife, she’s the bessst sister anyone can ever get! =)
      it was about R.. 😦

      n lol, I did get a call from her, she was so worried.. I love her! So much! ^_^

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