Time to erase..

Okay peeps,

this is it.

Tomorrow is a special day for me, and i wish not to live through it with a heavy heart.

Remember the regretful post? I thought of it for a million times, and now, I have come to a conclusion.

I am human. I was blind. And now, there are no more rewinds.


I’m about to do something that needs a lot of courage (in my case atleast).

I have realized that now is the exact time, when i need to pick up the eraser, and ERASE each bit of those bitter memories back from the past which are so contagious that they even make my present bitter. It’s all in my hands now. I have my lessons learned, and i need to move on, to be a better person. (: And i am NOT allowing any thing to drag me into a depression zone again.


want to live life.



i need a little pat on the back. I need to start a new beginning.

Before tomorrow, i am about to do something big.

Tell me i can do it.


17 thoughts on “Time to erase..

  1. Yup … you can if you really want to …
    Wish you all the best in all aspects of your life ahead with hope (Insha’ALLAH) ALLAH has surely written best for you at specific time of HIS own so just stay positive future will be yours as you’ve dreamed of it 🙂

  2. When one door of happiness closes another open but often we look so long at the closed door that we don’t see the one which is opened for us..

    you need a pat i give you a big pat 😀 , Go ahead, lot of blessings from my side 🙂

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