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Regrets- a page from past.

Read the last line? FREE FROM REGRETS.


Does anyone has a clear account of his past? NO REGRETS , in short? I so not know what am i writing, why am i writing, and how will I be continuing. But I have a lot to vent out, and my dear bloggy, it’s coming all on you. You know i am a fool. I have always been one. But I don’t wish to be the same anymore. I may have been a meritorious student, teachers pet, little miss perfect, but who cares. I am not happy. 😦 You know the upcoming days are VERY important for me, the next week, and the next month, those few dates which none can ever erase from my life. I have to turn over a new leaf. I have to. Though you know i can’t no matter how hard i try, but , i have to. And i know i will. I can. I won’t let anyone tear me apart. This is my life, i am the one whose solely responsible for everything that happened 😦 If it’s my joy, i will celebrate it with those very special friends who are the reason behind my smile. If it’s my sorrow, i will be the one shedding tears over it. So you know, it’s not good presenting my life on a silver tray to someone else who doesn’t even know it’s value. I know i am so stupid to dig out the old stuff again and poison myself each second, but it’s okay. No wait, it’s not. I have so much to accomplish, I have to spread a smile on those numerous faces i see each day, I have to be the happy one, not the depressed lad. This is not what I will choose.

Ah, great. Now look at it.

Yeah, right.

My life is shorter even to sleep with a regretful conscience.

I can’t even pray to die during a not-so-peaceful sleep. What if i really do? uhh, can’t figure out anything.

Im angry,sad, depressed, frustrated, mad and don’t know what else. So for now on, i will just enlist the regrets i have. Hope it helps. 😦

I regret the times I’ve lied to myself just to make you happy.

I regret the times I’ve fallen prey to your luscious desires.

I regret the times I wasn’t able to spot the cunning mind behind your stunning face.

I regret the times I had to say stuff I never ever meant.

I regret the times I put on a fake smile for the ones who never deserved it.

I regret wasting the precious moments of my life indulged in your thoughts.

I regret the times I wasn’t able to put two and two together, when evrybody else did.

I regret having complete faith in you.

I regret not being wise enough to prioritize.

No i am not being a pessimist ( maybe i am ) but there’s one thing i know. Very well.

It’s right about time to pick up the eraser.

My past is full of regrets, i admit. Stupid silly weird and some funny regrets.


Every saint has a past,
and every sinner has a future.


41 thoughts on “Regrets- a page from past.

      1. awww nahi nahi i’ll take my haha back. i hope and i am sure you will be okay soon (Y)

        Its just the one needs to learn lessons from past and make best use of them in future…buss itni si baat hai.

  1. Awesome…
    i guess there is no person who hasnt got a past… People say time heals and makes u forget.. but i guess we never forget but infact learn from it…After a dark night a bright morning is always promised… =)
    Best of luck for ur future!

  2. I thought of giving a long comment here, to tell you the true face of this world, but the last line of yours told me that you don’t need it and MASHALLAH are strong yourself. So just keep that quality alive and rock the world, remembering one thing, We are humans, made to do mistakes.

  3. Hey girl…how can you write such stuff….is this you??? Are you serious???
    Either I am a fool or all around me…
    Never keep regrets, let go whatever has to go….I surely understand that it hurts more than anything at the time but time is a big healer too…Time may come when you may start thinking yourself a fool over such grouchy behaviour….
    getting my point…???
    Don’t miss anyone, if they have gone….do believe they didn’t deserve such a precious lady to have in their lives… 🙂
    You are precious and unique and none is like you… 🙂
    Allah may bless you always and ever…

    1. Hi CU.. unfortunately, i hate to say this, but yes, this is me. 😦 no, neither you’re a fool, nor the others around. Again, it is me.
      umhm, getting your point.. and i won’t miss any one who doesn’t deserve being missed, i promise that. (:

      and as always, your comment makes me smile and motivated. None is like you, too. Thanks a lot.

      1. Listen Little girl…
        I am impressed of your strong gestures though you are very oung but have stron feelings… 🙂
        so listen Gurya, this is world and it’s very cruel..we all have only selfishness around, dishearted and down emotions for others… to be honest, we all are selfish somehow….
        so always love the ones who respect you rather not break you into pieces… getting me sweety?
        Don’t allow anyone to tear you apart.. you are very pure person and you shouldn’t be shattered, OK?

      2. thanks for this instant smile comment! (:

        each word of yours is something precious for me, feels like my elder sister is giving me a piece of true and wise advice. I have observed this huuuge world with people having tiny miny hearts, and a few who don’t even have one. *sigh* Everyone is selfish. So am i. But it feels worse when others pretend to be something else and turn out to be a complete opposite. 😦
        Yes ma’am!! I’ll love the ones who’ll respect me.. coz experiences have made me realize that respect and trust is a greater and a much pure gesture than love.

        I now officially announce.. NO ONE , unless i permit them, has the right to hit my soul or hurt my heart.

      1. Glad to see that you prefer to rise for future which is in your hand.
        Hopefully whatever you’ve think of your future Insha’ALLAH come to reality by the grace of ALLAH 🙂
        (With the pray that ALLAH chosen best for you should happen rather than what you’ve thought)

  4. thanks OC! (:

    you know what, i never thought of it. 😦 i shouldn’t be whining about it. It has somehow made me stronger and wiser. Thanks for this little eye opener, it has made me view the other aspects.

  5. awl i wanna say is *INSPIRED*

    no wait i hv more to say..
    as i started reading the regrets, it felt lyke i was readin myself =O
    n den i realizd dat derez so much better in me now den i had before in the past 😀
    at the same moment, these words rang in my ears which may not be relevant to wat u’hv written but still cumz in mind somehow..
    “a person regrettin their sins is wiser than a person who venerates them”
    m not sure whether i hv put the ohrase in correct vocab.. but m sure u understand wat i mean ! =)

    Personality comes with experience .. so awl u hv been thru has now made u a real person with true feelings .. really glad to noe u =)

    1. Awwwh thanks so much! (:

      it always feels good if someone can relate to the stuff one has been through..n if it inspires you, it gets even more pleasing. (:

      thanks for sharing that, this is what makes me feel so relieved..realization is also a blessing!

      glad to know me? Ahan 😉 glad to know that! =]

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