Today’s special..!! ^_^

The haunting memories of the past often makes me weep. But these teary eyes don’t always shed tears on my misfortune. A few tears are for some really very special people I miss, A LOT. Those whom I’ve never met, maybe never will. But  those who have marked their special places in my life, and have strived enough to be in my heart, always and forever. (:

Listening to the radio was something I got addicted to around 14 months back. I had never been obsessed with something to such an extent ever. It were Sarah and Rizzi that can be held responsible for this exception in my life. The first time I heard  their lively conversation hit the airwaves of 96 FM, I couldn’t stop myself from sending a text message in the ir show. That is how this sweet bond of friendship began. (: Their down to earth attitude, sweet gestures and amazing personalities brought me even closer. And I’m blessed to be their craziest fan! (:

And today? Yes, today’s special. It’s Sarah’s birthday!!! ^_^

The love and respect I had for you a year ago, has not lessened a bit. It’s still the same, and hopefully,will always remain. And your birthday wish? Here it is,

Today’s a warm sunday, it’s the 20th of june,
and radioactive 96, I’ve to tune.

Coz today’s Sarah’s birthday, my dear cutie pie,
this day,all your sorrows will say bubye!

I hope you’ve a joyous year ahead
not a single drop of tear your eye would shed.

May fate offer you the best of everything,
And mark your joys, with permanent ink.

Sorrows in your life, i wish, vanish
Each moment of your life, you may cherish!

Today is your birthday,hope you have a blast!
May happiness in your life, forever last!!

Sarah! Happy birthday!!

PS. I am expecting some very very very very very special visitors!! *fingers crossed*  😀


34 thoughts on “Today’s special..!! ^_^

  1. Wow, it is awsome seriously, i love the poetry 😀
    She will be so happy when she come here….trust me…i love the picture and the editing 😀

  2. Hi Shagufta. You have no idea how ouch i felt when i read this, i miss you so very much right now. I miss everything about 96, it was absolutely amazing while i was there. But your memory has not faded from my heart, and ill always be here if you ever want to talk, about anything at all.
    Love you so very much.

  3. Hey, Shagufta you have no idea how touhed i was when i read this. I sent in a comment earlier i dont think it went through. But thank you so much,you really made my day. But do know, even if im not with 96 anymore, it doesnt mean that you can never contact me or im ou of your life. Anything you need at all, if you ever want to talk, im just a post away. I love you loads. 🙂

  4. Saaaaraaahhh!!! ^_^
    awww i am so so SO glad you commented!! thanks a million trillion gazillion!! 😀

    I’m glad it made you happy, i am just speechless. I so not know what to say, im just so happy! thank you Sarah! (: hope you have an awesome year ahead!!

  5. HAppy birthday Sarah… 🙂
    Shagufta you have such sweet and beautiful friends… I am jealous… 😉
    kidding… i always say friends are priceless treasure and they always rock our world… 🙂
    nice poetry indeed… 🙂

    1. thanks for the wish CU! (:
      haha, at times my friend list makes me jealous too, nothing new! 😉 ;D

      haye how sach! 😀 i mean how true! but i hate those zabardasti kay friends! >_<

      shukriya shukriya!! 😀

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