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The plea of a heartbroken..

This wave of depression in the blogosphere has finally effected me. Last night, this is what i scribbled.. This is not like the usual stuff i write, and hence , goes into the trash bin.

The plea of a heartbroken..

If all you wish to see, is me, broken and dead.
just tell me, I’d myself, sleep on my deathbed.

But please, from me, its a humble request;
don’t coat your hatred with a false loving zest.

You know i would break, if YOU’ll be the reason;
then the blossom of your smile, won’t bloom in any season.

Yet again, if you wish, to torn me apart.
Poison me, kill me, but don’t break my heart.

Each beat of this fellow, has your name on it carved.
Since long, for this time, my poor heart had starved.

And still, if you wish, to have left me alone;
Be Honest. I promise, won’t frown, won’t moan.

Though, then, into a million pieces i’ll scatter;
I’ll always be a fool- to have believed that it’d matter.

For you were the one, who’d perfectly read my heart;
Never knew that the end, would be so unlike the start.

I wish I’d unveiled the real face behind,
the person whose love had nearly turned me blind.

I needed you. You were there. But now I wonder “WHY?”
for You, I’d came out , of my shell of being a shy.

You made me realise, that things would get better.
To your wish, my existence is now about to shatter.

And now, I wish, I wish I could hate you!
Can’t even wish to begin, a journey that’s new.

I’m a solitary lad, and I’ll always be the same.
Trying to forget- whose gone, who came.

I was lost, I was found; And I am now lost again.
I am dying. And “survive” is what I no more can.

54 thoughts on “The plea of a heartbroken..

  1. ya, shaggy kid..thats not u yaar..the energetic, the hopeful and positive shaggy i dislike.:p but full marks on the poem and vocabulary used:)..and i think people are actually not that sad, its just that they share their heart on blogosphere..nd share what they can’t share in mostly its sad..

  2. no worries sir professor! I’m happy and energetic as ever, the above post was just . . . something random πŸ˜€

    whatever the reason be, i don’t want them to get sad 😐

  3. wow. some powerful emotions in there…i had a write like that last week…vastly different from my usual yet satisfying…nice write…

  4. oh God very depressing stuff!!!!!how do you come yp to this level of pessimism when apparently you look a very happy girl. no doubt excellent rhyming pattern and logical choice of words. Keep it up!!!

    1. indeed it is! πŸ˜€ but this was just a trailer to show the two extremes of a teen.. nothing to worry about, i know what pessimism is, but i am an optimist! πŸ˜‰

      thank youu!! (:

    1. I am amazed of your writing…i can’t believe girl of only 17 can write on such serious notes… πŸ™‚
      hopefully things will go better at your end surely Inshallah πŸ™‚

      1. Really good to hear that things are Alhamdolillah perfect at your end… πŸ™‚

        Piece of fiction is conjugating complete fiction indeed πŸ™‚

  5. Ok I got the awesome poem, but couldn’t understand what u meant by “The recent wave of depression on the blogsphere” πŸ˜›

  6. haha.. have a look around.. πŸ˜› most of the blogs i visit had some depressing posts, and even i got all sad n depressed.. to bass, wahan se is poem ki ibtida hui πŸ˜€

    i am actually kinda feeling short of words…. your poem depicts a person’s feeling who has lost it in love,soo very well…
    Every single line,every single stanza, is simply beautiful,full of emotions and feelings

  8. Poems are people’s styles; some have cheerful styles, some have poignant ones.
    It’s a great poignant post.
    I’ve come to realize I didn’t write any new poems since whoaaa some months ago.

  9. “Poison me, kill me, but don’t break my heart.”
    That’s the gist!could that be fiction ? :s I can feel the emotions, so natural, so candid, sooOOOOoo powerful! what inspired you to write such a beautiful poem , girl?

    1. I’d love to call that fiction, i wish that was. Nahi it is :/
      what inspired me? a broken heart? a friends pain as she travelled through such a journey..

      oh btw, welcome here! (:

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