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Escapes death.. :|


For what happened today, an hour ago, is something that thankfully didn’t traumatize me. But yes, I’m safe!

Today I had my preparatory class. Everything was going quite well. I even got praised by our english teacher and it felt quite good to make him laugh along with the whole class. It was a good day. Hours passed, time’s up! Time to go home! Most of the students went home, but me, the smarty pants, stayed there, and decided to spend some time in the library!

Lost in the chemistry booklet, solving the MCQs, marking each answer in my notebook, a loud, i repeat, a very loud voice shook us. For the very first moment, we thought it was a bomb blast. But the continuous horrifying voices made us believe that it was the sound of a gunshot. IT WAS SO TERRIFYING!! Some of the girls around me immediately bent their heads and sat on the floor and the others ran away to a safer place ( the nearest classroom ) but ME? I kept on sitting on my chair for the first few moments. What was i trying to show? I’m a superwoman or what?? I wasn’t even wearing a bullet-proof jacket. =/ Me, Silly as always; finally got of f my chair when I couldn’t spot any one lost in their books! I too, sat down, reciting almost all the Quranic verses and prayers i remembered. Within a span of 5 minutes, everything was over. SILENCE in the streets. As if nothing had happened at all.

I was supposed to leave in around 10 minutes, but I though of calling my dad and inquire him about the city conditions. I called him up, told everything that happened in a rather calm manner ( so that he doesn’t get worried; which he can EASILY get within no time) and just as i was telling him about my safety, the call dropped.

guess what?


that’s the price for not charging your cell phone and leaving it in your handbag for a day. 😐

And then i kept going on, begging for a cell phone from the people around, coz even the thought of my poor dad getting HYPER-WORRIED ( is that even a word? ) made me felt uncomfortable. Finally i got one, called him, and told him not to worry and I’ll contact him soon.

Guess what? within these few minutes, he had informed everyone in the family, and my sister and brother in law were on their way to pick me up. Being very frank, i felt like screaming ‘weeeee,dad, u the best!! ‘. But at the same time i was so worried about the conditions outside, would i get shot the moment i step out of the institute? will some terrorists come up to our class and hold us hostage for around a week or two, and then the government will have some dialogues with them and we’ll get rescued. Or who knows, the government wouldn’t even care, and all of us would be enjoying our next birthdays in our graves.. Uff, i am such a pessimist!

In short,

I’M SAFE. And i’m glad i am.


35 thoughts on “Escapes death.. :|

  1. Hmmm … death is reality and definitely 1 day we’ve to face it … only thing what we can do is to pray to GOD (whatever your religion may be … in general sense) that we should spend our lives nicely and die also in a nice way … 🙂
    May ALLAH protect your dad (and rest of family members as well) … nice to read & know about him a bit … 🙂
    Perhaps you’re the only one I know who doesn’t carry her cell phone in her hand … so keep it in bag don’t be addicted to it … 😉

  2. So true.. i’d love to die while studying, but not with such a burdened n sinful account with me..

    Ameen (: thanks for the prayer, you’ll soon get to know more about them..

    haha 😀 i was a cell phone addict, but now it no more seeks my attention. 😛

  3. Hmmmm First I would say: I’m so glad you’re well N safe 🙂 . . Death is the cruel reality N fact, but still we are never ready to face it. Reading through it I felt like holding my breath, so I can imagine how you must be feeling goin through all this. N on that battery dead, awwwww hmm 🙂 God bless, nice blog!

    1. so m i 🙂
      so true, i’ve never been across such a threat so close..

      *looking at my fully charged cell phone* hope i wont get into further trouble 😉

      thanks for liking, God bless you too (:

  4. allah ka shukr that u r safe
    secondly many times i repeat this line kai shagufta apna cell use mien rakhu kisi ko bhi kam ho sakta hai par log smjhte nai
    see today there is a lesson 4 u
    use those thing which u need the most dun avoid it

  5. hey shaggy kid, thanks god u safe yaar…do give sadqa..nd be safe yaar..nd keep ur cell charged..anywayz try to forget the incident now and prepare well for the papers ahead..

    1. hie sir professor! that was something i’m constantly giving since yesterday 😀

      oh yes, it’s FULLY charged.. 😀

      incident? which incident? i dont know what u’re talking about? i’m lost in studies 😀

  6. First of all…ROFL! 😛

    Secondly…what actually happened?

    Thirdly and most importantly…stay safe, give sadqa and recite Naad-e-Ali (A.S.) when you leave the house. 🙂

    1. Firstly, it wasnt that funny 😦

      Secondly,this is what actually happened ( according to the girls who saw the whole thingy from the ‘open’ windows at the corner of the room )

      “a few guys in a black corolla were openly firing throughout the whole area, and a police van was following them.”

      Thirdly, i did, and i always recite it,along with Ayat-ul-Kursi.. 🙂 makes me feel safer than ever!

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  8. OOOO God Bless You!…next time make sure u carry a handy set with you God Forbid for such situations…..And did u get to know what was all this about, was it really a stream of Gun Shots or something else??

  9. Amen to that!

    People around me nowadays make sure I’ve my cell phone charged and in frequent use ( a few don’t know it’s still in my bag 😀 ).. well, no concrete info yet; a few say it was a gang of thieves whom are police force was after, others say those people were about to spread riots in the city, and were caught beforehand. God knows what true..

  10. LOLZ at cell phone death …ooopsss i am sorry death of battery of cell phone… 😛

    yea but you should be cautious while going out that your battery should be charged enough so you might not get worried, neither you pissed of your dad and all other family members… 😀

    opps again sorry not your battery but your cell battery 😛

    1. hahaha, i wish it dies soon, i’ll buy a new one then! 😉

      CU i seriously am trying.. but i dont know why am i being so allergic to my cell phone.. i don’t check it for hours n hours.. now my friends are cursing me ! :S

      hahaha, my battery remains charged 24/7!! 😀 ye to cell ki battery dhoka day jati hai.. 😛

      1. 😀 which cell are you using and since how long??? there was a time when i was addicted to cell phone and texting but now it doesn’t ring even for 2 or 3 days… 😛

      2. being a typppical karachiite, i have two, a sasta wala motorola and a mehenga wala sony ericsson! 😀 i guess they’re wid me since a year.. i’d love to have a new one! 😉

        mine is ringing now, but i dun feel like receiving.. (i am so bad! 😀 )

  11. Honestly,the conditions are not so peaceful.. 😦 i had never expected such a thing to happen in the area i had my institute, i mean it’s so neutral and calm.. but such a thing happening there is really concerning..

  12. hey hun! im glad ur safe! =]
    and no i don’t think thats a word ahah
    and don’t be a pessimist, nothing good comes out of it
    im glad ur alright and safe and sound in the safety of ur ghar..

    im sorry i don’t drop by much to read but as soon as this semester is over, i shall be a regular reader =]

    take care of urself ‘gufta’ lol =D

  13. so am i! 😛
    its nottt?! ayi hayi, my baddd.. 😀

    han han sure take your time, the doors are always open! 😀

    GUFTA!? haha! thats the very first time someone called me gufta! 😉 new stuff in town.. 😀

  14. LOL yeah, its ok. i make up words too sometimes, its fun =D hahah and yes we’re all glad ur still among us! =P anddd, thanx =] i shall keep using the ‘open door’ lol anddd i told u on my bday post where this new name came frm hahaha and of course, i always use the new stuff ;] lol ok i should get back to studying haha bye ❤

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