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Simple Solutions.. =) [none of you is losing hope]


EVERYONE around seems sad, pissed off due to some reason, depressed, frustrated and what not.

So you, Mr. Sadness. Get the hell out of here. I won’t allow you to take over Mr. Smiley’s place and spread this feeling of depression in this already polluted atmosphere of my social circle. Get that? hmm, much better.

And for you sad faces out there,


found this little poem i wrote a year back, hope it helps..

-Simple Solutions-

When things in life get jumbled up,
and times seem to caese.

All you get is a bunch of worries,
but all you want is peace.

At such times,my dear friend
regain the faith in you.

‘Coz for every problem, awaits a solution
which is always hidden in YOU.

Life will take some twists and turns,
making you think its the end.

But all you need is to realise,
that it’s a bend, which’ll soon mend.

So when you feel there’s a load of troubles,
and has turned into a bitter mixture;

Step behind, and open your eyes,
to look at the real, big picture!!


41 thoughts on “Simple Solutions.. =) [none of you is losing hope]

  1. In my younger years, I faced problems by attacking them, grappling them to the ground, and pummeling them into whining submission, so that I could get “everything back to normal.”

    As the years have gone on, I realize that “normal” encompasses ongoing problems. When a new one slaps me blindside, I now approach it by saying, “Here’s another aspect of the journey. I’ll shift the load a little and see if that makes it more bearable.”

    Love the big picture part — when you’re outside, under a very big sky, everything else seems small.

    1. i used to do the same.. and i still do, but as life passes, i am trying to learn the new tactics of overcoming the obstacles in my way. And your approach really moved me, i am surely going to work on that..
      glad you liked it! (:

  2. OK this was AWESOME, and I simply cant understand WHY on Earth people think there is a lack of Art in Pakistan. NOWAY! there is loads of it here 🙂

  3. I love your loving energy here helping to heal the world. My favorite stanza in this poem is ” … for every problem there awaits a solution which is always hidden in you.” That is so true. Peace, Sharie

  4. Thats gud one shaggy kid..nd bda roab hai yaar tumhara..Mr Sadness being knocked out by u..:p..he didnt knw whom he against..So heavy weight champion, shaggy kid rocks :)..nd Mr smiley’s backkkkkk 🙂

    1. Thank you! Sir professor!
      haha 😀 no doubt, in ma’amlon mei mera roab asar dikha he deta hai! I won’t see any of my friends being held captive by Mr. sadness! I HAD to bring Mr. Smiley back! At all costs!

  5. Another amazing piece of writing. I must say, you’re young but your writing has maturity in it c: keep it up shaggy!

  6. So inspiring… Hope is something that is lacking in my life lately as I’m sure you have noticed by reading my blog. I admire you for writing like this and spreading your adamant outlook on what life can be.

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