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The Voice Inside..

This is the poem i had been writing since a few days, and wasn’t able to get a proper conclusion.. Probably coz I myself was quite confused which way should i chose.. A confused lad i am.. *sigh*

well, many a times in life, you’re stuck in a web of troubles, and you feel all alone. You wish to give up, surrender, and lose hope. You get bitter, instead of getting better. At such times, you refuse to listen to the voice inside- the voice of your ‘soul’, which silently screams ” Give it one more try, YOU CAN DO IT! ” But the hidden devil of pessimism takes over our hopes, and we give up.

The following poem is a conversation between the angel of positivity and the devil of pessimism hidden in ourselves. Enjoy reading!

The Voice Inside..

( Life )

I’ll shatter your dreams,
I’ll make you lose hope.
Will give you such troubles,
with none- you will cope.

( Devil )

It’s the end of your life
You’ve nothing more to lose
it’s better to surrender
it’s the best option to chose

( Angel )

Oh c’mon poor fellow,
who says this is the end?
deep down, you’re well aware,
this wreck, you can mend!

( Devil )

Trying times won’t do you any good,
they’ll just be a waste of time.
Feel it now, Feel your life
being bitter and sour as lime.

( Angel )

Limes and lemons shouldn’t scare you,
you know your troubles will fade.
Remember my friend, out of these,
make a refreshing lemonade.

( Devil )

All I can say, is to be practical,
it’s easier said than done.
Giving up is the easier route,
with sorrows and regrets- none.

( Angel )

The easier path will not always lead,
to the destiny you deserve.
The road to success, contentment and bliss,
initiates from a curve.

( Devil )

Curved paths are only meant to say,
that the road ahead’s a blind end.
So, whats the use of going on a journey
which doesn’t offer a helping hand?

( Angel )

The journey you’ll begin, will seem to be
a path of solitude.
Life will also try, to make you bitter,
helpless, harsh and rude.

( Devil )

Now even your angel admits that this,
won’t be a comfy path.
Either give up, or give your best.
Decide the vote you’ll cast.

( Me )

Giving up seems easy, and
I wish to come on your side.
But the other facts, i can’t ignore,
they seem to be so bright!

( Devil )

Don’t go for the brighter side,
you know what you now desire.
Quit your journey, quit it now!
‘Coz the road ahead is fire.

( Angel )

Remember my friend, that if you quit;
it will no fault, it will be a SIN
because it’s a rule, of success and triumph.
“Winners don’t quit, and quitters don’t win!”

( Me )

You both make me so confused,
now it’s so difficult to decide.
I can’t face this anymore.
I wish, somewhere, I could hide.

( Angel )

Hiding yourself isn’t your way,
and the options aren’t too wide.
just close your eyes, and lend an ear
to the holy voice inside.

And then, this girl, all sad and blue
tightly shut her eyes.
She dived inside her mind and soul,
seeking a wise advice.

She thought of the future, present and the past,
marking the decisions, which forever last.
And then she concluded, her horizons now;
were no more narrow, they were vast.

‘Coz she now knew, the goal she had set,
wouldn’t be achieved if the eyes don’t get wet.
She was thankful to the angel, it was the cause,
that the mysteries of life, she had now interpret.


40 thoughts on “The Voice Inside..

  1. The easier path will not always lead,
    to the destiny you deserve.
    The road to success, contentment and bliss,
    initiates from a curve.

    This is so so true. Inspiring one šŸ™‚

    couldn’t control my laughter while reading “did that rhyme” šŸ˜›

  2. hey shaggy, the creative kid :)..its awesome yaar..very well :)..the kid has got some mind :p…nd kid, u always speak bigger than ur nick..:p anywayz, loved the whole concept of the poem..

    1. hey maj, sir professor šŸ™‚
      thank you thank you! (:
      oh yes, the kid definitely has a mind, just a little though.. =p and it’s not me who speaks bigger than the nick, it’s you who make me sound much smaller than i really am! šŸ˜€

      thanks again!

  3. the moment i ws readin dis poem…… i myself was stuck in a problen….but it really inspired me….one of da best poems now of my collection..!!! =)

  4. Beautiful poem… I believe the world is black or white… but we humans live in shades of grey… because both sides of the world speak to our hearts which has the ability to hate and love… we are greedy, we want the best of both worlds so we can find happiness… so we try to blend it together….

  5. indeed a great effort….. worth publishing!!!
    as i was absorbed in the thoughts written, the lines of Longfellow came to my mind:

    “Tell me not in mournful numbers
    life is but, an empty dream
    for the soul is dead, that slumbers
    and things are not what they seem

    life is real; life is earnest
    and the grave is not its goal
    “Dust thou art, to dust returnest”
    was not spoken of the soul

    not enjoyment and not sorrow
    is our destined end or way
    but to act that each tomorrow
    finds us farther than today

    in the world’s broad field of battle
    In the bivouc of life
    be not like dumb, driven cattle
    be a hero in the strife

    trust no future howe’er pleasant
    let the dead past bury its dead
    ACT! ACT in the living present
    heart within and God o’oerhead…….

  6. thanks Suraj! (:
    ahan, i will surely visit poetrysoup, thanks for recommending..
    and i will be more than glad to check out your poems as well!

    oh, btw, welcome to my blog! (:

  7. This for sure is gona get saved in my pc….
    it is so inspiring… u r actually younger than me but i have turned a big fan of ur poetry girl… šŸ™‚

  8. Sana that is such an achievement for me. (:
    thanks a bunch for your comments, i really value them. (:
    ps. i dont even know you, that makes the whole mystery a lot more interesting.

  9. Oh yes shagufta… even i dont know u… i just thank salman ( Wonders… i dont even know him personally.. lol its just one thing common between us our studies ACCA).because it was he who mentioned u in one of his posts and here i am on ur blog and loving every bit of it šŸ™‚

  10. woaaah finally mystery solved! šŸ˜€
    Salman himself is an awesome guy, an awesome blogger, and has some really awesome readers too! (:
    thank you so much! =)

    oh,btw, good luck with your ACCA!

  11. m speechless.. !
    the poem was so clear dat i had this whole image on my mind of both the angel n devil havin one on one !
    I LOVED IT !
    u’re a tue gem.. =)


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