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I feel like a..guy.

I have never really wanted to be “daddy’s princess”. What mattered the most to me was to prove myself as “papa ka beta”. I keep on trying new stuff to achieve this crown, but i am not always right in what i do.Β  In my sort of unsuccessful attempts to achieve this target, one of my friend also commented,

Larki ho, larki he ban k raho. “

Yeah, right. Larka banna bhi kis ne hai? 😐

Kher hai, to be very frank, a part of me gets jealous of the guys around. Why do they get the permission to hang out late at night so easily? They are seldom seen in their homes, and are quite often spotted at either a friend’s place, or some local restaurant, or one of the never ending hangouts i have no idea of.Β  They have a ‘little’ , just a little bit extra freedom than girls in our society. And that makes me jealous. *fierce glare*

Just that. Nothing else arouses such stupid feelings in my heart.

But today, i feel a bit bad. I have been out since morning and i returned at 10 pm. I had beenout for approximately 14 hours! Went for my preparatory classes this morning, then got dropped at my best friend’s place. My only intention was to ‘complete my chemistry journal’ and to lend her a few books. But when we met, we suddenly turned into two oldie goldie aunties who had met after years and years and now had to speak their hearts out. And that’s what we did. πŸ˜‰ We took half an hour from our busy schedule and spent it in her balcony, giving our precious comments on the passers by. It was fun. Lame yet fun. And i also had daal chawal after a lonnng time! Delicious!! πŸ˜€


And yesterday FINALLLLLYYY my bff visited my blog!! Actually it was me who dragged her in front the computer and forcefully made her do that. And how so generous of her, NO COMMENTS AT ALL! i am glad. (SO NOT) :@

Then something made us all shake a little. O, it was my cell which vibrates with great intensity.

Api: “Beta kahan ho ap? Ghar nahi ana??

Me: “Api bas do practicals reh gaye hain, copy kar lun phir ati hun! Half an hour max”

Api: ” Sawaiz ( that grade I kiddo ) agaya hai, nahi parh raha mujh se, come soon! “

Me: (haha! see kids love me!! =p) acha bas thori dair, i am coming..”

With a sense of achievement in my tone, i hanged up the call and started finishing my work. I had absolutely no idea it was 8!! Thats like the longest i have stayed at a friend’s place! And guess at what time i got home?


woahh! that was the longest i have ever stayed out of house! I was so happy as if i had achieved something!

I actually felt like a guy.

(JUST because they stay out for so long. No other reasoN πŸ˜€ )

When i was about to enter, i had mentally prepared myself for a scolding from dad. That was expected,though. But deep down, i was still quite happy, a sense of freedom was running in me. But as i took my first step into the room where everyone was, sab kuch ulta he hogaya. No scolding. No nothing.

Everyone was waiting for me and none of them had taken their meal. 😦 Guilty me. 😦

Then i realised that at times, a little freedom might seem magnetic. I realised that even for a day, but the definition of the daughter i had wanted to be, was changed.

I had to be dad’s SON, not a careless GUY.

The end.




43 thoughts on “I feel like a..guy.

  1. Hmmm … nice one … I’ve been met many of girls who want to be “Papa Ka Beta” with having some reason behind that wish and many of them succeeded in getting the title of “Beta” πŸ™‚
    You are bit jealous of why boys has freedom and I’m jealous of the blessings girls have from ALLAH when they become mother, they automatically get the ownership of “Heaven” and then we need to “Kiss down their feet” so that the entry ticket to heaven can be granted to us ;-D
    Wish you all the best in becoming the “Sensible Beta of your Papa” πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, welcome to my blog! (:

    I also have my certain reasons behind getting that title, and i hope i get that someday.
    Ahan!! You’re so right! Ultimately, it’s the girls who can easily win! =p Please be jealous. πŸ˜€

    haha, thanks! And that addition of ‘sensible’ makes it to-the-point! ;D

  3. Hehe…. your thoughts alike mine… I hate myself being a girl…restricted in timelines and boundries…I just wanna fly but can’t can’t hang out with friends, can’t go alone, can’t stay alone…that made me bit irritating….

    Apart from WHAT I WANT…our society do put restrictions on girls than guys…but girls also wanna breath…so do I but it’s not possible…
    At times when i wanna feel alone with myself…no one allows me…Agghhhhh cause I am a GIRL… πŸ˜›

  4. Thannnk God i found someone who thinks the same way! it irritates me too!! specially the part where you’re not allowed to travel alone. C’mon even if there’s danger out there, it is for both-guys and girls. And having them packed in their shells won’t prove fruitful at all. Both of the sexes are equal, n should be given equal freedom..

    but no, we are ‘girls’..

  5. many people want to be papa ka beta but i dun because i m papa ki ladli n ziddi beti
    the other reason is that in my family girlz have more importance than boyz sothere is a plus point 4 me

  6. so shaggy kid had a fun day :)..anywayz i think there is no point in comparing with guys..and yes about freedom, that’s the way it is…its the norm, so accept it :p..and last line is gud..after all this kid is sensible :p..gud luck for practicals..

  7. @ Maj:
    no doubt it WAS alot of fun, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter! πŸ˜‰
    n i’ve no choice other than accepting it.. No wait, how about creating a new option? =p

    thanks! just two left!

  8. @ Senilius:
    (speaking on behalf of the others out there πŸ˜› ) By enclosing them in the ‘unnecessary’ and meaningless boundaries? Why don’t others get to work and make the society a better and a ‘secure’ place so that girls could even enjoy the same freedom as guys.?

      1. ye acha hai.. Islam mei protection ka matlab yeh to nahi k ghar mei bithaye rakho.. protection yeh bhi to hoskti hai k ma’shray ko itna acha bana do k aurten protected feel karein..

  9. don’t feel so bad… i myself have gone home late a lot of times already… but i try to make it up by bringing something home for the family… or doing it as often as like once a week at most πŸ™‚

  10. Haan coz guys deserve little bit of extra ‘freedom’ since they need to interact with more people and learn ‘ways of life’, as they are expected to become a ‘protector’ and ‘bread winner’ of a family which can even include night shifts, over time, weekend shifts, travelling, etc etc…

  11. girls need to do the same.. guys are a bit cunning and can easily smell something fishy going around,unlike the bholi bhali masoom girls.. So girls should also be given some chances to learn from life.. And the way the world is heading towards recession, even girls would be expected to work and support their family..

    p.s extra freedom is something even i don’t support!

  12. Aww, you sound so much confined and frustrated over the fact of not-being-a-azaad-bird =D it happens, hon..
    But i completely agree with Tauqeer. Men are supposed to be the bread-earner and this is the divine rule, women on the other hand are the dignity and pride of a family, so yeah, there are certain limits drawn for us and we’d have to cope up with them.

  13. *sniff sniff* i seriously am..
    and i am the one who thankfully enjoys alot of freedom as compared to others, but when i see the other girls confined to their houses, not allowed to study further, coz they’ll end up in being housewives..that mind set angers me..

  14. Now that studying part doesn’t hold a place here cause those families aren’t aware of educational importance. Today, women are running several multi-national companies, that shows a woman hold so much potential inside.
    But, then again, it depends on how you’re brought up and what you have been taught. Families are responsible for a woman’s character or career!
    Be it a housewife or a HR manager, women are leading these days.

  15. πŸ˜€
    *bezzti again*

    jokes apart, the freedom i was talking about is the one that makes one confident enough to tackle life’s ups and downs.. and that comes from education too..

    So, you see.. πŸ˜›

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