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Remember who i am..

No description this time, let the video say it all.. Not something realllly good, but worth watching..


17 thoughts on “Remember who i am..

  1. seriously! Coz we never know how near our destination might just be..

    ahan.. 😀 i am still okay enjoying the kiddy part of the story, the bossy one brings a bunch of responsibilities.. =p

  2. wowwwwwwww!

    nice video especially the soft touch of music in it!You are working really hard for your blog. Keep it up! All the time I feel lke visiting it again and again.

  3. death is never a solution, once or a while everyone loses hope… 🙂
    Though we say we have faith in Allah but somehow we are not affirmed from inside and lose hope upon little incident… i am afraid, how we are surviving but still Allah is the most merciful and generous who forgives us and bless us…
    I pray that Allah may bless us always and ever… Ameen 🙂

  4. in my case, ‘once’ is a while maybe under rating.. 😦

    aint that true!! i mean, at times when i am alone, or when im out of the depression period, i too think, that am i considered a true muslim if i don’t even have my complete faith in Him? its like, we know being hopeless is kufr, and most of the times we do get hopeless. Still God is so forgiving, it puts me into deep thoughts.. y cant we, the perfection of His creation adapt the least bit of His qualities??

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