This is so not fair. ='[

If i agree with this statement,


what can the reason be behind me having my zoology practical journal lost just a day before the exam?

Not exactly a day either. Hardly 11 hours.

I disagree.



12 thoughts on “This is so not fair. ='[

  1. oh shaggy so sorry to hear that :(…dun think about it now and make a new one…this happens..happend with me too few times..losing a practical at such critical moment is the worst that can happen.try to find it again..shaid mil jaye..else dun think and make a new one now..wud be tough but hve to do it..gud luck…

  2. Well, you just never know 😉
    Maybe you’re being prepared for the future! So that you’re able to face more challenging, difficult times (:

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