The rain pain..

It was around 2:30 last night when the roaring raindrops forced me to get out of the sleepy world. Also awakened by a REALLY FRIGHTENING dream, i was feeling very low. Rain, specifically heavy rain, has never appealed me. I was never one of those who loved dancing in the rain. I was rather one of those who would extend their hands out of their windows and feel a few raindrops, smile, and then return back to work.

But last night, a strange scary feeling took over me. The thunder wasn’t the usual one. The raindrops seemed to shout out their anger. The clouds seemed to cry out loud. It wasnt a usual night. It saddened me, a completely unknown feeling of  displeasure took over me . I hadn’t taken my dinner too. So my grumbling stomach made me eat a few of those creamy wafers i had brought for my nephew that day. After having a few carbs work in my body, i sluggishly stepped into my balcony to have a closer view at the destruction that was likely to be caused by this cyclone.

The showering raindrops were so loud that not even a bit of me was happy at the sight of rain. The PHET THREAT ran a feeling of fear and dismay through my nerves. I shut my eyes tightly, said a few words of prayer for everyone’s safety, got back to my room, and slowly sank back to sleep.

Iwoke up at 8:30 in the morning. Seriously, the weather here is so unpredictable. 6 hours ago, it seemed like Karachi will never be able to retrieve its present dark and sunken state. But the sun was shining as if it was a usual Karachi morning. (in the area i live, the conditions were as such). I checked my cell phone which was flooded by messages. Not those filled with worry or concern over the present meteorological conditions, but those filled with a wave of ignorance. The text senders were actually ‘happy’.  They were enjoying the pleasant weather, or to put it in their words, they were enjoying the ‘Awesome Mausam‘. Uhh. Are they insane or what? Okay i admit the weather was really pleasant, after a LONG time in Karachi. But wait. Didn’t they have a look at the news channels which were constantly telling about the situation, that might worsen? They might just ‘exaggerate’, but still it shows that there was a serious threat to our city. Didn’t they see those numerous families left homeless? Those innocent kids who died of electrocution?

I am pissed off. Thank God the cyclone didn’t hit Karachi. But what if it had hit this city? The non serious attitude of karachiites was really disappointing. 😐

Kher hai, Allah mian, please don’t let this cyclone cause any further destruction. Please.



8 thoughts on “The rain pain..

  1. dats our attitude..that we remember allah when in trouble and forget as soon as trouble vanishes…nd though fear is a blessing too dat it makes us remember allah…but dun be too much afraid..hve strong faith..:)..anywayz thanks to allah that storm didn’t cause any destruction..

  2. nice changes in the blog style and colour..its looking more fresh now…:)
    but what will become of this line wen u vl turn 18 :p..
    “a sneak peak into the not-so-ordinary life of a 17 year old..”

  3. this is our attitude, but it shouldn’t be like that. 😦 even in times of fear,i have seen So many people ‘enjoying’ this situation, putting all their fears aside. Okay i know i am being biased, but having that strong faith in Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s mausoleum that it makes you ‘enjoy’ the weather is something i don’t support at all. =\ faith should be there, but one should prepare for the worst too..

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